Borel Seminar 2018
Topology and Dynamics in the Swiss Alps

Les Diablerets, Switzerland
December 2-7, 2018

This conference will cover topics on the interface of topology and dynamical systems. During the last decades there has been great development in topology and dynamics of manifolds, especially on problems related to partially hyperbolic dynamics, Anosov diffeomorphisms, bounded cohomology and mapping class groups. Those problems originate by seminal works of Anosov, Smale, Gromov and others. In order to develop new ideas and attack to those problems, mathematicians have been used methods and techniques from many areas of mathematics, including differential geometry, group theory, algebraic topology and functional analysis. This conference aims to present to young scientists some of those basic ideas and developments and encourage further collaborations. There will be three mini courses, each consisting of three 75-minute talks, and several 1-hour talks.