Winter School

in Mathematical Physics - 2012

Talks by graduate students

 Wednesday, February 1

   9h00 -  9h25: Miguel Tierz: "Matrix models in Chern-Simons theory" 
                 (slides in pdf)
   9h30 -  9h55: Søren Fuglede Jørgensen: "Witten-Reshetikhin-Turaev invariants 
                 of mapping tori and their asymptotics"
		 (slides in pdf)
  10h00 - 10h25: Jens-Jakob Kratmann Nissen: "Example of calculation of a TQFT from Quantum 
                 Teichmüller Theory"
  10h50 - 11h15: Giuseppe Bonavolonta: "BV cohomology for AKSZ sigma models in the setting of 
                 (Vinogradov's) secondary calculus"
  11h20 - 11h45: Hiro Lee Tanaka: "Factorization homology and link invariants"
  11h50 - 12h15: Ivan Contreras: "Groupoids and relative Frobenius algebras"