Winter School

in Mathematical Physics - 2012

Place and date:

Les Houches, January 29 - February 3, 2012
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Speakers and subjects:

Kevin Costello (Northwestern), "Mathematical aspects of (twisted) supersymmetric gauge theories"
Klaus Fredenhagen (Hamburg), "Perturbative Algebraic Quantum Field Theory"
Gregory Ginot (Paris), "Factorization (co)Homology"
Nikita Nekrasov (IHES),
"N=2 theories, classical and quantum geometry"
Nicolai Reshetikhin (Berkeley), "On semiclassical topological field theories"

Ludwig Faddeev (Steklov), Opening lecture
Jørgen Andersen (Aarhus), "A TQFT from Quantum Teichmüller Theory" I
Rinat Kashaev (Geneva), "A TQFT from Quantum Teichmüller Theory" II

short talks by graduate students

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Supported by:

Labex Milyon, ESF ITGP


Anton Alekseev (UNIGE), Anton.Alekseev (at)
Damien Calaque (ETHZ and UCBL) damien.calaque (at)
Alberto Cattaneo (UZH), alberto.cattaneo (at)
Giovanni Felder (ETHZ), felder (at)
Maria Podkopaeva (UNIGE), Maria.Podkopaeva (at)
Thomas Strobl (UCBL) strobl (at)
Andras Szenes (UNIGE), Andras.Szenes (at)