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Self-Attractive Random Walks: The Case of Critical Drifts D. Ioffe, Y. Velenik Commun. Math. Phys. 313, 209-235 (2012). Self-attractive random walks (polymers) undergo a phase transition in terms of the applied drift (force): If the drift is strong enough, then the walk is ballistic, whereas in the case of small drifts self-attraction wins and the walk is sub-ballistic. We show that, in any dimension at least 2, this transition is of first order. In fact, we prove that the walk is already ballistic at critical drifts, and establish the corresponding LLN and CLT. Key words: Self-attractive random walks, self-attractive polymers, strecthed polymers, critical drift, LLN, CLT, phase transition. Files: PDF file, Published version, Erratum, bibtex