Bart Vandereycken

GeomHTucker: Riemannian geometry for hierarchical Tucker tensors


This package contains the MATLAB code used in the paper “The geometry of algorithms using hierarchical tensors”.


B. Vandereycken, EPF Lausanne (main author)
A. Uschmajew, T.U. Berlin


The code should work on any reasonably recent version of MATLAB (from R2008a since it uses classes). It was tested on R2011b (Mac OS X) and R2010b (Linux).
In addition, you need recent versions of the Tensor Toolbox and the Hierarchical Tucker toolbox that you need to download yourself.


Download and unpack the package.
Adjust the startup.m file to add the Tensor and Hierarchical Tucker toolboxes to your MATLAB path.

License and use

The code is GPLv3 licensed.
In addition, it is research code and not intended for production use. If you publish a paper using this code, a reference to the above paper would be appreciated.


All comments, bugs and requests are most welcome at

Version history

v0.1 (2 February 2012): initial release.