Prévention et traitement du VIH/SIDA : les grands défis du 21e siècle

Dr Françoise Barré-Sinoussi

Director of the regulation of retroviral infections unit, Pasteur Institute (Paris)
Laureat of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

More than 25 years after the discovery of HIV, mechanisms of AIDS pathogenesis are still not entirely mastered. The evolution of the disease caused by the HIV depends on a number of determining factors that characterize not only the virus but also the infected host. Certain protection models against the disease such as elite controllers or African monkeys help us to better understand the dialogue between the virus and the host immune system. A clear knowledge of this dialogue is necessary, at this stage, in order to devise new prevention and treatment strategies. We should keep in mind that 33 million persons are infected by HIV in the world and that 2 millions died from AIDS in 2008.

10tf Conference Louis-Jeantet
Thursday 29th october at 18h30

Public lecture in French
Centre médical universitaire - CMU
Auditorium B 400 (1 rue Michel-Servet / 9 avenue de Champel)

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