Google translation of this web site

Google offers tools to translate words, web pages and even an entire web site.

To translate the "education" part of the web site of the faculty of medicine with these tools, go to and follows these steps:

  1. copie and paste the URL into the left text box
  2. choose "French" into the "From:" drop down menu
  3. choose the language into which you want to translate the web site into the "To:" drop down menu
  4. click on the link in the right text box
the 4 steps to translate a web site with google translate

Once the translated page appears, you can check the original page by 1) clicking the  "Original" button or 2) you can check the translation of only part of the page by pointing the cursor over a specific paragraph or title.

check translation

Following the links, you can then navigate within the web site and all the pages you visit will be translated in the choosen language. Even the pdf files are translated.

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