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Monique Gannagé

Department of Pathology and Immunology-School of Medicine - CMU

Contribution of macroautophagy to the immune response during autoimmune diseases

Research Focus


Macroautophagy is a major biological pathway, implicated in cellular homeostasis. The involvement of this process in controlling multiple aspects of the immune response has recently emerged.
We have previously identified the major role of macroautophagy in regulating the innate and adaptive immune response to viral infections such as Influenza A virus.
Our group will be involved in studying how macroautophagy can influence the initiation and outcome of the immune response during autoimmune diseases with a focus on rheumatological diseases. Using both mice models and clinical samples we aim to analyse macroautophagy contribution to the deregulated immune response during these diseases.
The aim of our research is to find which steps of the immune response are controlled by autophagy and if manipulating the pathway can influence the course of these diseases.



Group’s Publications

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