4th Diabetes Symposium - Registration Open
16 October 2017

PHYM Students shine at the Swiss Physio
16 September 2017

Open position for PROFESSOR in lipid cell biology and metabolic disease
25 August 2017

Congratulations to Nicolas Calo for his outstanding thesis defence!
2 August 2017

Yonca Bassoy wins Best Thesis and the cover of EMBO J: cancer and ER-mito contacts
8 June 2017

Luca Cirillo and Damian Dudka chosen for a prestigious course at Woods Hole
23 May 2017

Congratulations Dorothea Portius, for her successful thesis defence!
9 May 2017

Congratulations Alexandre Vernay for his successful thesis defence!
9 May 2017

Frieden group publishes a study defining mechanisms of fast Ca2+ signalling in human muscle cells
19 April 2017

LIMNA Symposium: Congratulations to Coppari group's Ebru Aras and Xavier Brenachot for their poster awards!
18 April 2017

Coppari group discovers key molecular mechanisms suppressing cancer stemness
22 March 2017

LS2 Highlights: Lelio Orci Award, PHYM-sponsored poster prize and PHYM member Paula Nunes-Hasler wins prize.
17 February 2017

Demaurex group publishes a study characterizing human mutations that cause muscular disease
9 February 2017

Congratulations to Mariagrazia Grimaldi for a successful thesis defence!
10 January 2017

Congratulations to Patricia Vazquez for her successful thesis defence
8 December 2016

The PHYM Department congratulates Esen Yonca Bassoy for her successful thesis defence
2 December 2016

The PHYM Department congratulates Daniele Guido his successful thesis defence
2 December 2016

Congratulations to Anne-Marie Makhlouf, member of the Dibner group for her successful thesis defence
7 November 2016

Melis Karaca awarded the distinguished 2016 Gilles Mentha prize
11 October 2016

MD-PhD student Monica Bulla wins prize at the Swiss Physiology Section Meeting
12 September 2016

Trajkovski group publishes in Cell Metabolism how caloric restriction browns white fat
31 August 2016

Claire Chevalier and Ozren Stojanovic awarded the prestigious 2016 Alex F. Müller prize
25 August 2016

Foti group publishes an article highlighting the importance of miR-21 in fatty liver disease development
22 July 2016

Congratulations to Anne-Laure Poher for her successful thesis defence
13 July 2016

Congratulations to Valentina Chiusolo for her successful thesis defence
13 July 2016

Gotta group publishes study on mechanisms of mitosis in Cell Reports
5 May 2016

Maechler group publishes review on the role of beta-cell mitochondrial carriers and diabetes
25 April 2016

The PHYM Department welcomes Dr. Charna Dibner as a new PI in Nov 2016
15 March 2016

Demaurex group publishes a review on calcium signalling in immune cells
15 March 2016

Demaurex group publishes video-protocol for measuring phagosome pH in JoVE
26 January 2016

Congratulations to Birgit Kastberger and Joanna Bou Saab for their successful thesis defences
7 January 2016

Registration for the European Cystic Fibrosis Conference: now to Jan 15th
22 December 2015

The PHYM Christmas Pijama Party a pillow-smashing success
21 December 2015

Ultra-high resolution scanning 3D-EM has arrived at the PFMU
13 December 2015

Cold weather friends: another seminal study from Trajkovski lab published in Cell
8 December 2015

Prof. Maechler receives prize for research on diabetes
26 November 2015

Trajkovski Group Publishes in Nature Medicine: How depleting the gut microbiota protects from obesity
17 November 2015

PHYM sponsors Prize at LS2. Registration Now to Nov 30
11 November 2015

Diabetes Spotlight: New Faculty Centre and Journée Portes Ouvertes, Nov 24
11 November 2015

PHYM Social Spotlight: Christmas “Pijama Party” set for Dec 15th.
11 November 2015

Demaurex Group Article featured in « In this Issue » of JCS
11 November 2015

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