Price internal

Indicated prices take into account that you are coming from the University of Geneva or Geneva University Hospital. If you are coming from another institution or from industry, please send us an e-mail. For larger quantities, please send us an e-mail.


Swiss Fr. / sample
1-10 samples

Swiss Fr. / sample
10 samples

Protein identification (from 1-DE, 2-DE gels and liquid)
Medium run 200.00 150.00
Long run 300.00 250.00
Large scale protein quantitation
Isobaric tagging + LC ESI-MS/MS Inquire
Isobaric tagging + offgel electrophoresis + LC ESI-MS/MS Inquire
SILAC + 1-DE + LC ESI-MS/MS Inquire
2-DE Protein separation
Minigels 2-DE (8 x 9 cm) 125.00 Inquire
Maxi 2-DE (18 x 20 cm) 250.00 Inquire
Other services
Desalting tips 15.00 10.00
1-DE + Silver/Coomassie 75.00 50.00
Offgel electrophoresis 600.00
Data analysis and training
Data analysis 100 Sfr/hr
Training Inquire