Emperor of Four Thrones
A life journey of Charles IV (1316-1378)

The exhibition Emperor of Four Thrones marks the 700th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding ruler Charles IV (1316 – 1378), a member of the House of Luxembourg from his father’s side and the House of Přemyslid from his mother’s side, a King of Bohemia and the first King of Bohemia to become Holy Roman Emperor. It presents Charles IV as a unique figure of Europe’s political and cultural history, a pious, well-educated and judicious ruler, who did not hesitate to use a wide range of diplomatic means, including ruse and tactics, to attain his goals. One of the typical features of Charles’ ruling concept was the programmatic use of arts and architecture to promote the imperial majesty. Charles IV has gone down in history as one of the most generous patron of arts and founders as well as one of the most often depicted rulers in mediaeval Europe’s history.

The exhibition consists of 14 text panels that look at Charles IV from various angles: anthropological research into his physique, family policy of his ancestors, education abroad, written documents from the era of his rule, belief, Charles IV as a passionate collector, centres of power, perception of Charles IV in subsidiary lands of the Bohemian Crown, his relation to women and marriage policy, critical perception of the personality, and rule of Charles IV in historical research.

Lecture "Four crowns, five languages" - canceled
The Lecture "Four crowns, five languages"
onthe European dimensions of Emperor Charles IV, by Professor Jan Royt, Charles University, Prague, planned on Tuesday 15 November 2016, 6:30 pm has been canceled.


Emperor of Four Thrones
A life journey of Charles IV (1316-1378)

14 to 25 November 2016

Opening of the exhibition, followed by a reception, on Monday 14th November at 6:30 PM.
Inscription for the opening/reception by 7 November at: mission.geneva(at)embassy.mzv.cz

Uni Mail, 40 Boulevard du Pont-d'Arve, 1204 Genève

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2 novembre 2016