UNIGE Research Fields


The UNIGE is a broad spectrum University  and offers a leading role in research and teaching.

Below is an outline of the research domains distributed in our faculties, institutes and interfaculty centers :



From Astronomy to Mathematics through Biology

AstronomyBiochemistry | Cell Biology |  LimnologyMolecular Biology | Botany and Plant Biology | Inorganic, Analytical and Applied Chemistry | Organic Chemistry | Physical Chemistry | Earth and Environmental Sciences | Informatics | Mathematics | Mineralogy |  Applied Physics | Quantum Matter Physics | Nuclear and Corpuscular Physics | Theoretical Physics |  Limnology | Pharmaceutical Sciences | Genetics and Evolution  

  -> See also the page "research" of the Faculty of Science


Basic Medical Sciences, Clinical Medical Sciences and Public Health

Anesthesiology, pharmacology and intensive care | Bioinformatics Centre Universitaire de Bioinformatique | Dental medicine | Surgery | Biomedical Ethics | Geriatrics | Obstetrics and GynaecologyGenetic Medicine and Development | Global Health | Internal Medicine | Microbiology and Molecular Medicine | Clinical Neuroscience | Basic Neurosciences | Pathology and Immunology | Paediatrics | Cellular Physiology and Metabolism | Psychiatry | Radiology and Medical Informatics | Community and Health Medicine | Sciences of Movement and Sports Medicine

  -> See also the page "research" of the Faculty of Medicine

History, Linguistics and Philosophy

History of Arts and Musicology | General History | German Language and Literature | English Language and Literature | French and Latin Mediaeval Literature and Language | Modern French Language and Literature | Slavic, Oriental and Mediterranean Language and Literature | Romance Language and Literature | Linguistics | Philosophy | Antiquity Sciences

  -> See also the page "research" of the Faculty of Humanities


From Sociology to Political Science through Geography

Geography and Environment | The Paul Bairoch Institute of Economic History | Political Sciences and International Relations | Sociology                          

  -> See also the page "research" of the Geneva School of Social Sciences

Economy and Management

Institute of economics and econometrics | Institute of management | Geneva finance research institute | Research center for statistics | Information science institute | Laboratoire d'économie appliquée

  -> See also the page "research" of the Geneva School of Economics and Management

The Law in all its Forms

Private International Law | Civil Law | Commercial Law | Public Law | Criminal Law | Public International Law | Labour and Social Security Law | History of the Law and the Legal and Political Doctrines

  -> See also the page "research" of the Faculty of Law


History of Religions and Ethics

History of Religions | History of Christianity | History of the Reformation | Biblical Sciences | Ethics and Systematics

               -> See also the page "research" of the Faculty of Protestant Theology

Psychology and Education

Learning and Educative Practices | Cultures, Organisations and Practice | Didactics | Methodology | Adult Education | Affective Psychology | Clinical Psychology | Cognitive Psychology | Developmental Psychology | Social Psychology | Learning and Teaching Technologies

  -> See also the page "research" of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences


Translation and Interpreting

Interpretation | Translation | Translation Technology

  -> See also the page "research" of the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting


Innovative interdisciplinary research projects are also carried out in our  institutes and interfaculty centers:

Computer Science Centre
Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Gerontology and Vulnerability
Institut d'histoire de la Réformation
Institute for Environmental Sciences
Neuroscience Center
Interfaculty Center for Affective Sciences
Institute of Genetics and Genomics
Centre universitaire de bioinformatique
Geneva Finance Research Institute
Maison de l'histoire
Institute for Biomedical Ethics
Global studies Institute
Institut universitaire de formation des enseignants
The Centre for Children's Rights Studies