Master of Science in Pharmacy

The Master of Science in Pharmacy degree provides a solid education and training for future pharmacists whether they intend to practise as hospital or community pharmacists or work in an industrial, academic or administrative environment.
The degree also enables its holder to undertake a Ph.D. thesis. Further- more, beginning in the academic year 2010-2011, the Master of Science in Pharmacy degree will be required in order for a candidate to take the examination leading to the Swiss diploma for pharmacists.
The first year of the programme includes compulsory courses, optional practical work and a research project. The second year includes 12 weeks of compulsory courses, 20 weeks of pharmacy practice in an approved pharmacy with a further 10 weeks of work placement in either a public or hospital pharmacy.
Length of programme: 4 semesters
ECTS credits*: 120
Teaching language: French
Criteria for admission: Bachelor in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Career opportunities: Community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, industry, academia, humanitarian career, administration


*ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) credits: a measure of the work required for a given programme. One semester equals 30 ECTS credits. One credit corresponds to 25-30 hours of work. ECTS enables students to move from one European university to another.