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Anna-Katharina Pfitzner

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In the cells, ESCRT complex is inter alia involved in formation and scission of intraluminal vesicle in early endosomes. During my PhD studies I want to complement the current understanding of membrane deformation potential and mechanism of the ESCRT complex. To this aim, I am applying confocal microscopy combined with in vitro reconstitutions to get an insight in the dynamics of ESCRT complex.

I am a PhD student in the Roux lab since January 2017. Before coming to Geneva, I studied Biochemistry at the University of Tübingen (Germany), from which I obtained a Bachelor and a Master degree. Working on insertion of proteins in the mitochondrial outer membrane during my Master studies raised my interest in manipulation of membranes by proteins. An interest, I further follow in my work in the Roux lab on membrane deformation and scission mediated by the ESCRT complex.