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My project is to decipher the mechanism of ESCRTs dependent intra-luminal vesicles (ILV) formation in endosomes, a process which requires membrane deformation and fission by ESCRT machinery. For that, by combining in vitro and in cellulo experiments, I want both to determine the ESCRT subunits which are specifically involved in this process but also analyse the effect of physical membrane properties modulation, such as membrane tension on ESCRT recruitment and activity. We saw already a link between ESCRT and membrane tension which provides a good way to activate ESCRT and better understand, using different techniques such as live imaging or 3D correlative light electron microscopy the functioning of this machinery.

I am a post-doc working both in Roux lab and in Gruenberg lab since November 2015. I did my studies in Grenoble University, France where I obtained my bachelor and my master in Cellular, Molecular and Neuro-Biology. I did a PhD under the supervision of Anne Petiot in Rémy Sadoul team: Neurodegeneration and Plasticity at Grenoble Institute of Neurosciences, where I was studying the role of a protein in internalization at the plasma membrane.

I’m now studying the effect of physical membrane properties modulation on ESCRT activity at the endosomal membrane.