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22/08/2013 Dr Daniela Sahlender   Endocytosis of post-Golgi R-SNAREs by the clathrin adaptor CALM

26/08/2013 CODECS Summer School 2013   Theoretical Spectroscopy

28/08/2013 Prof. Andrea Pfeifer   From a child’s dream to a successful enterprise – Alzheimer’s therapy and prevention

03/09/2013 Dr Jorge García Marqués   Lineage as Determinant in Glial Specification

13/09/2013 Prof. Ulla Gro Nielsen   Solid state NMR studies of paramagnetic materials

Pradeep Nareddy   Pd-catalyzed α-arylation of aldehydes

18/09/2013 Dr Ludovic Pineau   New inhibitors of the sphingolipid biosynthesis pathway

19/09/2013 Prof. Bart Jan Ravoo   Cyclodextrin Vesicles: From Supramolecular Chemistry to Responsive Soft Materials

Dr. Steven A. Benner   Living Systems that Manage Artificial Genetic Information Systems

23/09/2013 Mme Vincenza D'Anna   Combined computational and experimental study of inorganic fluorides, hydrides and borohydrides

24/09/2013 Prof. Torben Jensen   Hydrogen containing solids - new perspectives

25/09/2013 Sarah MACHADO   Cell growth control and Dpp signalling

26/09/2013 Prof. Sarah Reisman   Natural Product Synthesis: A Platform for Chemical Discovery

30/09/2013 Prof. Tomasz Wesolowski   The art of solving approximately the Schrödinger equation for chemistry, biochemistry, and materials science

03/10/2013 Prof. Imre Dékany   Surface Plasmon Resonance and Plasmonic Coupling on Biofunctionalised Gold Surfaces

Prof. Feliu Maseras   Computational studies on cross-coupling and beyond

07/10/2013 Prof. Rob. Parton   the formation and function of caveolae: new insights into an enigmatic organelle

Dr Hanadi Sleiman   Three-Dimensional DNA Structures for Biological and Materials Applications

09/10/2013 Dr M. Auxi Aguilera-Romero   Cross-talk between signalling pathways and sphingolipid metabolism: looking for new players in sphingolipid homeostasis

Prof. Christina White   Site-Selective C-H Oxidation

10/10/2013 Mme Aurélie Gueho   Proteomic characterisation of Mycobacterium marinum-containing compartment in Dictyostelium discoideum

Prof. Miguel Yus   Chiral N-sulfinyl imines: Useful reagents in asymmetric synthesis

11/10/2013 Jezabel Praz   Design of New Chiral Diamines as Efficient Ligands for Organolithium Reagents in Asymmetric Synthesis

14/10/2013 Prof. Bruno Chaudret   Organometallic nanoparticles: From physical principles to a new tool for organic chemistry

23/10/2013 14 internationally recognised lecturers   2013 Louis-Jeantet Symposium

24/10/2013 Prof. Marc Mauduit   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

28/10/2013 Dr Elena Favaro   Investigating the role of glycogen metabolism in cancer cells

30/10/2013 Prof. Karsten Kruse   Theoretical physics of the cytoskeleton and active gels

31/10/2013 Dr Johannes Hunger   Structural Dynamics and Association of Room Temperature Ionic Liquids

Prof. Karsten Kruse   Theoretical physics of the cytoskeleton and active gels

Prof. Dr Michael J. Gait   Synthesis of Peptide Conjugates of PNA and PMO Oligonucleotides towards Therapeutic Applications

07/11/2013 Prof. Paolo Melchiorre   Organocatalytic Strategies to Control Remote Stereochemistry and Design Asymmetric Photochemical Processes

11/11/2013 Prof. Alke Fink   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

13/11/2013 Miwa Umebayashi   Imaging of the local membrane environment surrounding the insulin receptor in signaling

Prof. Karsten Kruse   Theoretical physics of the cytoskeleton and active gels

Prof. Oliver Wenger   Photoinduced Electron and Proton Transfer with Metal Complexes and Organic Molecules

14/11/2013 Dr. Clémence Allain   New tetrazines and tetrazine based materials : synthesis and photophysical properties

Dr. Nathan D. McClenaghan   Light-Driven Ion and Electronic Energy Transfer in Supramolecular Systems

19/11/2013 Prof. Pieter Cullis, Prof. Sabine Flitsch, Prof. Tarun Kapoor, Prof. Tom Muir   Chemical Biology Symposium

26/11/2013 Prof. Joan Seoane   The TGF-beta Pathway as a Therapeutic Target in Brain Tumors

Dr. Amalia Poblador Bahamonde   Towards a better understanding of Reaction Mechanisms

28/11/2013 Mme Marina Fedoseeva   Advancements of the Second Harmonic Generation Techniques for the Investigation of Ultrafast Photoinduced Processes at Liquid Interfaces

29/11/2013 Prof. Michael Famulok   Oligonucleotide-based Tools for Pharmacology and Nano-engineering

03/12/2013 Dr.Sabrina Jabs   Lysosomal Dysfunction upon Loss of Proton-Driven Chloride Accumulation

Vincent Ball   Eumelanin films and particles: Structural investigation, simulations and applications

04/12/2013 Charlotte Gehin   A Kinome-Wide RNAi Screen to identify Genes controlling Membrane Lipid Homeostasis in Human Cells

05/12/2013 Dr Endre Horváth   Synthesis and application of titanium oxide nanofilaments

Prof. Dennis Dougherty   Chemistry on the Brain: Understanding the Nicotine Receptor

06/12/2013 Prof. Christopher Heeschen   Stem Cell Dynamics in the Pancreas

09/12/2013 Monsieur Xuezhi ZHANG   Study of Reactive Oxygen Species and NADPH Oxidases in an Amoeba Model System

Prof. Nicolas Winssinger   De l'auto-assemblage vers une fonction

10/12/2013 Amir Zaim   The Molecular Structures, Solution Behaviors and Photophysical Properties of Mononuclear to Trinuclear Ternary [Lnx(L)(hfac)3x] Complexes

11/12/2013 Caroline Barisch   Impact of Lipid Metabolism on the Infection of Dictyostelium with Mycobacterium marinum

12/12/2013 Prof. Stephen Michnick   A nutrient-responsive pathway that determines timing of cell cycle phases through control of cyclin mRNA

13/12/2013 Prof. Odile Eisenstein   Computational studies and chemical complexity: Olefin metathesis catalysis with the Schrock alkylidene complexes

17/12/2013 Dr. Sophie Canton   Mapping electronic and structural changes upon ultrafast charge separation in supramolecular complexes

18/12/2013 Sonia ARAFAH   Role of autophagy during infection of Dictyostelium with M. marinum

19/12/2013 Prof. Rachel K. O'Reilly   New Directions in Chemistry - Taking Inspiration from Biology

13/01/2014 Mme Vesna Markovic   Ultrafast Photoinduced Processes in Organic Dyads

15/01/2014 Nicolas Chiaruttini   In vitro dynamics and mechanics of the Escrt-III complex

16/01/2014 4 distinguished lecturers and a selection of PhD students   Geneva chemistry and biochemistry days 2014

22/01/2014 Emmanuel Derivery   Regulation of Directional Notch signaling by Spindle Asymmetry in Drosophila

23/01/2014 Prof. Florian Seebeck   Biosynthetic Sulfur Transfers

27/01/2014 Prof. Laurent Decosterd   Targeting and individualizing drug treatment: Bioanalytical approaches for personalized medicine

28/01/2014 Dr David Teis   Towards the molecular mechanism of ESCRT mediated membrane protein degradation & consequences of failure

Qinchao Sun; Marie Humbert-Droz; Birte Varnholt; Elia Previtera; Oleksandr Yushchenko   Voir programme pdf

29/01/2014 Laurent Holtzer   The role of Bmps during zebrafish pectoral fin growth

30/01/2014 Prof. Oliver Zerbe   NMR of Protein Fragments

04/02/2014 Diverse speakers   LS2 Annual Meeting 2014

05/02/2014 Dr. Kyohei Umebayashi   Sterol sensing proteins and their downstream effectors

06/02/2014 Prof. Troels Skrydstrup   Efficient Transition Metal Catalysis with Two Chamber Reactors

07/02/2014 Prof. Bruno Antonny   Moving Cholesterol in the Cell by Using the Metabolic Energy of Phosphoinositides

12/02/2014 Dimitri Moreau   High content screen identifies HRH3 as a modulator of LBPA content in late endosomal compartments

Prof. Gérard Hopfgartner   The Impact of Mass Spectrometry in Life Sciences

13/02/2014 Prof. Hans-Georg Rammensee   Peptide-based Immunotherapy of Cancer

Dr Werner Bonrath   New Trends in Catalysis for Fine Chemicals

19/02/2014 Annika Hohendahl   Role of crescent-shaped proteins in membrane fission during endocytosis

20/02/2014 Prof. Thomas Palberg   Electro-kinetics of charged model colloids from superheterodyne Doppler velocimetry

M. Diego Villamaina   Ultrafast Excited-State Dynamics in Multichromophoric Systems

Prof. Kurt Gothelf   DNA-Programmed Assembly of Conjugate Polymers

24/02/2014 Dr Thierry Bettinger   Gas microbubbles and ultrasound: From diagnostic imaging to therapy

26/02/2014 Elena Kardash   The early stages of pectoral fin formation in zebrafish

27/02/2014 Prof. Christian Leumann   Tricyclo-DNA for the Treatment of Neuromuscular Diseases

28/02/2014 Prof. Angela Nieto   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

04/03/2014 Prof. Eberhard Riedle   Electron transfer at the right time in photochemical and photocatalytic reactions

05/03/2014 Guillaume Molinard   Daughter cells: How to cut the cord ?

06/03/2014 Prof. Tony James   Exploiting the Reversible Covalent Bonding of Boronic Acids: Recognition, Sensing and Assembly

07/03/2014 Prof. John Ralston   Structured Interfaces, Interfacial Fluid Flow and Why Things Get Wet

10/03/2014 Prof. Andy Bécue   Les Experts sous la loupe: jusqu'où la fiction concorde-t-elle à la réalité ?

11/03/2014 Magdalena Marek   New insights into sterol uptake in yeast

12/03/2014 Shem Johnson   Intralumenal vesicles: Into and out of endosomes

13/03/2014 Prof. Mark Gandelman   New Bonding and Reactivity in Synthetic Chemistry

17/03/2014 Prof. Peter Schreiner    Enantioselective Multicatalysis - Retrocatalysis

18/03/2014 Prof. Anne-Claude Gingras   Dynamic interactomes in health and disease

Dr. Rustam Z. Khaliullin   Absolutely localized molecualr orbitals for nanoscale simulations

19/03/2014 Cansel Ustunel Eren   Intralumenal Vesicle Formation : Role of Phospholipids

20/03/2014 Prof. Jean-Luc Renaud   Bifunctional Iron catalysts: Synthesis, Computational Studies and Application in Hydrogenation

21/03/2014 Cecilia Tortoreto   Three Atom Insertion and Addition Reactions of α-Diazo-β-Ketoesters Catalyzed by CpRu-Complexes

25/03/2014 Prof. Isabelle Gautier-Luneau   Crystal engineering of metal iodates for quadratic NLO

27/03/2014 Prof. Didier Raoult   Obesity and gut microbia manipulation

Prof. Rienk Eelkema    Control over Dynamics in Supramolecular Architectures

Manuel Thery   Force scaling in actin bundles

David Alonso   New Fluorescent Membrane Probes: From Naphthalenediimides to Oligothiophenes

28/03/2014 M. Axel Castillo   L'effet tunnel et son application en microscopie - soutenance publique

01/04/2014 Prof. Matija Tomšič   Scattering Methods in Structural Studies of Various Liquid Systems

02/04/2014 Anastasiya Trushko   Epithelium buckling in a spherical capsule

03/04/2014 Prof. Marc Mauduit   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

07/04/2014 Prof. Martin Patel   Bio-based monomers and polymers – A sensible sustainability strategy?

08/04/2014 Noemi Jiménez   Membrane properties of sphingosine, ceramides and novel 1-deoxysphingolipids: a glimpse into sphingolipid complexity

Dr. Lyuben Zhechkov   Insights and prediction of experiments via computational simulations

09/04/2014 Prof. Dr. Martha S.Cyert   Molecular mechanisms & evolution of calcineurin signaling

10/04/2014 Prof. Dennis Gillingham    Targeting Nucleic Acids with Organometallic Catalysis

11/04/2014 Fedor Michailidis Romanov   Enantioselective Reactions with N-Heterocyclic Carbene and Phosphoric Acid Catalysts: Importance of Cationic Intermediates

15/04/2014 Prof. Ville R.I. Kaila   Molecular Mechanisms of Primary Energy Conversion

17/04/2014 Prof. Normand Voyer   Development of Bioinspired Nanostructures for Therapeutic and Sensing Applications

23/04/2014 Irinka Castanon   Membrane-cytoskeleton interactions in the context of oriented cell division: functional lipidomics


24/04/2014 Dr Derek Stemple   Transcript Counting as a Molecular Phenotyping Tool

29/04/2014 Dr Christophe Labbez   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

Prof. Corine Mathonière   Rational design of switchable coordination compounds

30/04/2014 Fabrizio Vacca   Exocytosis of endocytic organelles and cholesterol storage reversal in Niemann-Pick C

02/05/2014 Prof. Shu-Li You   Transition-metal-catalyzed Asymmetric Allylic Dearomatization Reactions

Prof. Masahiro Murakami   Reactions Set up in Sequence Open New, Save Lots

05/05/2014 Prof. Mark Maclachlan   Supramolecular Origami: Twisting Paper into New Structures

07/05/2014 Cameron Scott   Wnt3a directs cellular lipid homeostasis, lipid droplets and endocytic function

08/05/2014 Dr Jean-François Lutz    Writing, Reading and Erasing Molecular Information on Synthetic Polymer Chains

12/05/2014 Prof. Matthew Sigman   Palladium-Catalyzed Alkene Functionalization Reactions for Synthesis

Prof. Alke Fink   Nanoparticles and cells: What have we learnt

14/05/2014 Ana Lopez   Insights into mycobacteria infection: single-cell imaging and host lectins

19/05/2014 Christophe Labbez   On the stability of charged platelets dispersed in various anionic copolymer solutions

21/05/2014 Alicia Daeden   Asymmetric Mechanics during Asymmetric Division in Sensory Organ Precursors

Concours du Cristal le plus Superlatif – Cérémonie des classes lauréates

22/05/2014 Prof. Lutz H. Gade    Symmetry as a Construction Principle in Asymmetric Catalysis

27/05/2014 Jordi Faraudo   The Interaction of Ions with Interfaces: An Atomistic View

28/05/2014 Valentin Trofimov   Identification and characterization of novel antitubercular compounds

30/05/2014 Dr. Laura Swan   Conserved function of Lowe syndrome phosphatase OCRL in the endocytic system

Hailing Li   New Substrates for the Copper-Catalyzed Enantioselective Allylic and Propargylic Substitutions

04/06/2014 Chiara Zurzolo   Role of Tunneling Nanotubes (TNTs) in intercellular spreading of prions and other protein assemblies involved in neurodegenerative diseases

Valentina Galli   Dynamics of Dynamin in vivo.

05/06/2014 Prof. Peter Nilsson   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

11/06/2014 Julien Graff   Applications of the Asymmetric Bromine-Lithium Exchange to the Synthesis of Natural Products and Diphosphines

12/06/2014 Prof. Jonathan Clayden   Conformational Communication: Reactivity, Receptors and Relays

17/06/2014 Prof. Varinder Aggarwal   Assembly Line Synthesis

Prof. Kazuaki Ishihara   Rational design of High-performance Catalysts Based on Acid-Base Combination Chemistry

18/06/2014 Nicolas Germain   Copper-Catalyzed Asymmetric Conjugate Additions of Grignard Reagents and Electrophilic Trappings of Mg-Enolates

Alejandro Melero   Role of lipids in COPII vesicle formation

19/06/2014 Prof. Zhi Ping Xu   Layered double hydroxide nanoparticles for heparin and siRNA delivery

21/06/2014 Symposium de Synthèse Organique

23/06/2014 Prof. Werner Arber, Nobel Prize, and 10 outstanding lecturers   50th Anniversary of the Department of Molecular Biology, UNIGE

25/06/2014 Célimène Weber   The Effect of Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs on the Amyloid-B (1-42) Fibrillar Structure

Olivia Muriel Lopez   Role of Moesin in actin-dependent biogenesis of multivesicular endosomes

26/06/2014 Dr Jean-A. Rodriguez   Recent Developments of New Stereoselective Multiple Bond-Forming
 Transformations (MBFT's)

27/06/2014 Alice Lefranc   Organocatalytic Enantioselective Construction of Mono-and Polycyclic Structures by Domino Reactions

02/07/2014 Augustinus Galih   Unraveling the Roles of Deoxysphingoid Bases in C. elegans

Mme Xiuwen Zhou   Multi-scale Simulations of the UV-Vis Absorption Spectra of Organic Chromophores in Condensed Phases

03/07/2014 Prof. Jean Suffert   How to Make Complex Molecules from Simple Starting Material: the Palladium, a Powerful Tool

04/07/2014 Pierre Cottet   Copper-Catalyzed Asymmetric Conjugate Addition of Alkenyl- and Alkylalanes to α,β-Unsaturated Lactams. Enantioselective Total Synthesis of Riccardiphenol B

10/07/2014 David Grassi   Transition metal free Asymmetric Allylic Alkylation using Grignard reagents: Design of ligand, mechanistic investigations, substrate scope and applications

22/07/2014 Caterina Tomba   Brain cells in micro-structured environments: exploring mechanisms of biological properties

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