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31/08/2008 Quo vadis electron – from radicals to electron transfer

18/09/2008 Prof. Dan Yang   Catalytic Asymmetric Cyclization Reactions

22/09/2008 Dr Michel Gubelmann   Acid catalysis - a journey through industrial organic chemistry

24/09/2008 Prof. Vladimir Dimitrov   Chiral Aminoalcohols with Predictable Configurations trough Betti Condensation Reaction – Synthesis and Application

25/09/2008 Prof. Carmen Najera   Recoverable Catalysts for Asymmetric Synthesis

26/09/2008 Renaud Millet   Copper-Catalyzed Enantioselective Ring Opening Reactions with Organometallic Nucleophiles

29/09/2008 Prof. Helen E. Blackwell   Non-Native Small Molecules that Intercept Bacterial Quorum Sensing Pathways in Pathogens and Symbionts

09/10/2008 Prof. Wilfred van der Donk   Phosphonate Natural Products: Discovery, Structure, and Biosynthesis

13/10/2008 Dr Howard Flack   Il y a 160 ans, Louis Pasteur découvrait la résolution spontanée

16/10/2008 Prof. Michael P. Doyle   The Magic of Dirhodium in Catalysis

17/10/2008 Dr Christopher Lipinski   Drug discovery challenges: the balance between biology and chemistry

23/10/2008 Prof. Karl Gademann   Natural Product Hybrids: Synthetic ... and on the Rocks

27/10/2008 Prof. Alois Fürstner   Catalysis-Based Synthesis of Marine Anticancer Agents

31/10/2008 David Linder   Enantioselective CpRu Catalyzed Decarboxylative C-C Bond Forming Reactions

06/11/2008 Prof. Steve Nolan   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

10/11/2008 Prof. Dr Hubert Mimoun   Méthodologies catalytiques industrielles et développement durable

13/11/2008 Dr Véronique Michelet   Cycloisomerization Reactions for Atom Economy – Carbo- and Heterocycles Constructions via Metal-Catalyzed Processes

20/11/2008 Prof. Virgil Percec   Molecular Machines from Self-Organizable Dendronized Polymers

26/11/2008 Prof. Alan Williams, Dr Theo Berclaz   Les aspects modernes de la liaison chimique

27/11/2008 Dr Jean-Marc Campagne   Catalytic Asymetric Vinylogous Mukayaima Reactions and Cyclobutene Synthesis through metathesis

04/12/2008 Dr Laurent Micouin   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

Dr Sandrine Py   SmI2-Mediated Umpolung of Nitrones: Applications for the Synthesis of Amino Alcohols, Amino Acids, and Iminosugars

10/12/2008 Prof. Charles P. Casey   New Hydrogenation Catalysts and New Mechanisms for Hydrogenation

11/12/2008 Prof. Kilian Muniz   Transition Metal Catalysed Diamination of Alkenes

12/12/2008 Prof. Subrata Ghosh   Copper (I) Catalyzed Photocycloaddition Reaction in Organic Synthesis

18/12/2008 Prof. Dirk M. Guldi   Carbon Nanostructures – Integrative Components in Multifunctional Molecular Materials

08/01/2009 Dr Michael Willis   New Reactivity and Selectivity using Transition Metal Catalysis

15/01/2009 Prof. G. Michael Blackburn   Phosphate Group Transfer - How Does an Enzyme Catalyse this Most Difficult of Reactions!

26/01/2009 Prof. Laura Gagliardi   Modeling novel compounds related to renewable energies

29/01/2009 Prof. Jeffrey Bode   Catalytic Generation of Reactive Intermediates with N-Heterocyclic Carbenes

30/01/2009 Oppolzer Lectures 2009

04/02/2009 Prof. Chaitan Khosla   Chemistry and Biology of Macrolide Antibiotics

12/02/2009 Prof. Joost N. H. Reek   New Strategies in Supramolecular Transition Metal Catalysis

19/02/2009 Dr Céline Besnard   X-Ray Scattering Studies of Small Macromolecular Crystals

26/02/2009 Prof. Régis Réau   Organophosphorus π-Conjugated Systems: from Model Molecules to Functional Materials

05/03/2009 Dr Jesus Jimenéz-Barbero   NMR and molecular recognition

11/03/2009 Section de chimie et biochimie   Visite des Labos de la Section

12/03/2009 Prof. Kazunori Koide   Development of Fluorogenic Probes for Biologically and Environmentally Important Materials Based on Synthetic Organic Chemistry

19/03/2009 Dr Matthew Gaunt   New Catalytic Strategies for Chemical Synthesis

20/03/2009 M. Bruno Vitorge   Application du repliement spectral en RMN à deux dimensions

23/03/2009 Prof. Jean-Marc Triscone   New phenomena at oxide interfaces

26/03/2009 Prof. Martin Albrecht   New NHC-type Carbene Ligands for Transition Metal Catalysis

02/04/2009 Prof. Varinder K. Aggarwal   Chiral Carbenoids for Asymmetric Synthesis

03/04/2009 Prof. Phil S. Baran   Case Studies in Chemoselective Synthesis

06/04/2009 Prof. Lanny Liebeskind   Seeking Novel Reactivity and High Selectivity in Modern Organic Synthesis: Studies of the pH-Neutral, Cu-Catalyzed Desulfitative Formation of Carbon-Carbon Bonds and It’s Application to Biomedically Relevant Synthesis

08/04/2009 Dr Hans Hagemann, Dr Thierry Soldati   Tête-à-Têtes de sciences moléculaires

09/04/2009 Prof. Harry L. Anderson   Supramolecular Control of Molecular Wires

20/04/2009 Remise des Prix aux lauréat-e-s de la Section

30/04/2009 Dr Laurent Micouin   Diversity Oriented Syntesis of Cyclopentanic Amines. Application to the Fragment-Based Elaboration of Aminoglycosides Mimetics

04/05/2009 Prof. Timothy M. Swager   Chemical Sensing with Amplifying Fluorescent Polymer

Dr Georg Feger   Biopharmaceuticals: past – present – future

14/05/2009 Dr Jonathan L. Sessler   Oligopyrrole Macrocycles: Receptors for Potentially Hazardous Materials

15/05/2009 Prof. Seijiro Matsubara   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

Prof. Chien-Tien Chen   Synergistic Mono and Divalent Ion-specific Transport and Asymmetric Catalysis by Chiral Tridendate Oxidovanadium(V) Methoxides

22/05/2009 Prof. Hiroaki Suga   Genetic Code Reprogramming and its Application to the Rapid Discovery of a New Class of Peptidyl Drugs

25/05/2009 Prof. Joseph Gal   Mauve: a color that changed chemistry, medicine and history

26/05/2009 Prof. John L. Wood   Progress Towards a Synthesis of the Welwitindolinones

05/06/2009 Prof. Ernesto Carmona   C-H Bond Activation Reactions of Ethers and Pyridines Leading to Iridium carbenes

10/06/2009 Francesco Paolucci   Electrochemistry of Carbon Nanostructures:From Pristine Materials to Molecular Devices

Elisabeth Verpoorte   Leveraging Microfluidics for Analytical Innovation in the Life Sciences

Eric Bakker   From Smart Materials to Chemical Sensors

Maria Minunni   Biosensors as an Innovative Analytical Tool

Martin Pumera   Electrochemical Nanobiosensors and Biochips

11/06/2009 Dr Ernst R. F. Gesing   Innovation as Driving Force in Agrochemical Research

16/06/2009 M. Yves Bernard   Avoiding Heisenberg with Certainty

25/06/2009 Prof. Harm-Anton Klok   Biohybrid Nanomedicines and Self-assembling Biomaterials

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