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03/09/2015 Prof. Marco Bandini   Catalytic Manipulation of Indole @ Bologna

Nicolas Humbert   Recent Advances in Catalyst and Ligand Design for Metal-Catalysed Isomerisation Reactions

08/09/2015 Mahesh Vishe   Straightforward Synthesis of Densely Functionalized Crown Ethers and their Applications

11/09/2015 Prof. Xinyu Liu   Discovery of New Chemistry and Biology from the Microbial World

15/09/2015 Prof. Kazushi Mashima   Amination and Alkylation of Allylic Alcohols by Ni, Pt, and Au Catalysts

17/09/2015 Prof. Jérôme Waser   Exploiting the Reactivity of Weak Bonds to Enable Non-Conventional Disconnections

Ivan Franzoni   Pd-catalyzed Selective Synthesis of Arylated Aldehydes

24/09/2015 Dr. Nathalie Katsonis   Bio-Inspired Strategies to Convert Light into Helix-Based Motion

25/09/2015 Antoine Wallabregue   Modular Synthesis and Applications of Chiral Tunable Dyes and Fluorophores

30/09/2015 Prof. Gwilherm Evano   Heterosubstituted Alkynes : from Synthesis to Applications

Houhua Li   Ir-Catalyzed Diastereoselective Isomerization of Primary Allylic Alcohols

01/10/2015 Prof. Hélène Lebel    Stereoselective Amination of Thioethers

Prof. André Charette    New Synthesis and Applications of Amide Derivatives in Organic Synthesis

06/10/2015 Prof. Andrew Griffiths, Prof. James Heath, Prof.Thomas Kodadek, Prof. Isaac Krauss   Chemical Diversity and Screening Beyond Conventional Libraries

08/10/2015 Dr Reiko Oda   Nanometric Chiral Self-assemblies Based on Amphiphilic Molecules, their Structures and Functionnalization

15/10/2015 Alan Heeger   Plastic Solar Cells: Self-Assembly of Bulk Heterojunction Nano-materials by Spontaneous Phase Separation

16/10/2015 Prof. Eric N. Jacobsen   Studies in Anion-Binding Catalysis

19/10/2015 Prof. Shunichi Fukuzumi   New Strategies for Artificial Photosynthesis

29/10/2015 Prof. Robert S. Paton   Computing Catalytic Control: Unusual Regioselectivities and Designs for Optimal Stereoselectivities

03/11/2015 Prof. Howard C. Hang   Chemical reporters for exploring host-pathogen interactions

12/11/2015 Dr. Henry Dube   In Control of Molecular Motions: From Photoswitches to Molecular Machines

16/11/2015 Dr. Thomas Spangenberg   Antimalarial Drug Discovery

19/11/2015 Prof. Mark Bradley   Two Adventures in Chemical Biology - Palladium Mediated in Situ Synthesis and in Vivo Optical Imaging in Man

26/11/2015 Prof. Christian Olsen   Substrates and Inhibitors of the Human Histone Deacetylases (HDACs)

01/12/2015 Prof. Dario Neri   Armed antibodies and targeted cytotoxics for the treatment of cancer and of rheumatoid arthritis: from the bench to the clinic

03/12/2015 Prof. Huw Davies   Collaborative Approach for C-H Functionalization

07/12/2015 Prof. Martin Beniston   Régimes hydrologiques en région de montagne dans un climat qui change : conséquences environnementales et économiques

09/12/2015 Prof. Eiji Yashima    Biomimetic Helical Polymers and Foldamers as Unique Chiral Materials for Asymmetric Synthesis and Chiral Recognition

10/12/2015 Prof. Jan Van Hest    Adaptive and Bio-Inspired Nanocompartments

13/01/2016 Prof. Tim Clark, Prof. Ron A. Heeren, 12 junior speakers   Geneva Chemistry Day 2016

Prof. Ben Cravatt, Prof. Ben Davis, Prof. David Liu and 10 outstanding international speakers   International Symposium on Chemical Biology 2016

18/01/2016 Prof. Philippe Reymond   Plant defenses against insect attack

19/01/2016 Donald Hilvert   Design and optimization of artificial enzymes: nearer to nature

Prof. Richmond Sarpong, Prof. Tom Rovis, Prof. Ken Houk, Prof. Kenichiro Itami   CCHF Virtual Symposium

21/01/2016 Prof. Vincent Gandon   Catalytic Carbophilic Activation by Gold and Gallium π-Acids

01/02/2016 Dr. Lionel Perrin   Mechanism Exploration of Metal Assisted Reactions

08/02/2016 Prof. Bruno J. Strasser   La science pour tous ? L'essor des sciences citoyennes

09/02/2016 Prof. Dorothea Fiedler   Elucidating the functions and mechanisms of inositol pyrophosphate messengers with chemical tools

18/02/2016 Prof. Konrad Tiefenbacher    Enzyme-like Catalysis in Self-Assembled Aromatic Cavities

25/02/2016 Prof. Oliver Hantschel   Targeting Kinase Signaling Networks with ATP-Competitive, Allosteric and Monobody Inhibitors

08/03/2016 Prof. Takayuki Doi   Biologically Active Cyclodepsipeptide Natural Products: Synthesis, Biological Evaluation, 3D Structure, and Protein Network Analysis

10/03/2016 Prof. Olivier Baudoin   Two Different Strategies for the Functionalization of Unactivated C(sp3)-H Bonds

11/03/2016 Prof. Masahiro Terada   Enantioselective Catalysis by Chiral Brønsted Acids and Bases

Daniele Poggiali   Mechanistic Investigations and Development of Rh(II)-Catalyzed [3+6+3+6] Macrocyclization Reactions

14/03/2016 Fiami   L'alchimie de Paracelse

17/03/2016 Prof. Hans-Achim Wagenknecht    Bringing Light into (Bio)Organic Chemistry: Fluorescent DNA, Electron Transfer and Photocatalysis

24/03/2016 Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Altmann   Total Synthesis and Biological Exploration of Macrocyclic Natural Products

31/03/2016 Prof. Christian Becker    (Semi-)Synthesis of Postranslationally Modified Peptides and Proteins

07/04/2016 Dr Gilles Guichard   Foldamer Higher-Order Structures: Bioinspired Architectures on the Nanometer Scale by Capitalizing on Folding and Sequence Control

14/04/2016 Prof. Simon Webb   Synthetic Switchable Membrane-Bound Receptors

18/04/2016 Prof. Kaori Sugihara   Electrical and mechanical properties of model cell membranes

21/04/2016 Prof. Dr. Tom N. Grossmann   Peptide-Inspired Ligands for the Modulation of Biological Functions

29/04/2016 Prof. Valery V. Fokin   Catalysis and Complexity: From Reactive Intermediates to Biological Function

09/05/2016 Prof. Michinori Suginome    New Catalytic and Chiroptical Functions of Chirality-Switchable Helical Macromolecules PQX

Prof. Hiroyuki Isobe   The structural chemistry with hydrogen and carbons: Molecules, Nano-entities and Materials

20/05/2016 Prof Angela Gronenborn   Synergy between NMR, cryo-EM and large-scale MD simulations: an all atom model of a native HIV capsid

23/05/2016 Prof. Thanos Halazonetis   DNA repair pathways in normal and cancer cells

25/05/2016 Haricots & Co. – concours de l'Année Internationale des Légumineuses

26/05/2016 Dr Hélène Gerard    Challenges in Modelling Copper Assisted C-C Bond Formation : Intertwined Theoretical / Experimental Approach

01/06/2016 Prof. Krishna P. Kaliappan   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

02/06/2016 Prof. Igor Larrosa    Pd, Ag, and Au in C-H Activation: Reactivity and Selectivity Control

09/06/2016 Prof. Andreas Kirschning   Learning from Nature – Chemical Synthesis at the Interface to Biology

14/06/2016 Prof. Justin Du Bois   The Molecular Mystique of Nature’s Poisons

16/06/2016 Prof. Julien Leclaire    Exploring Information Transfer in Supramolecular Systems

23/06/2016 Prof. Marc Mauduit    Olefin metathesis: a powerful tool for the valorisation of the Biomass

06/07/2016 Prof. Gradimir Misevic   Single cell ‘omics’ with single bio-molecule detection: Nano in micro array prototype devices

07/07/2016 Prof. Yunfei Du   Novel Construction of Heterocyclic Compounds via I(III)-Mediated Oxidative Reactions

26/07/2016 Prof. Phil A. Cole   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

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