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08/08/2012 Dr. Toshihide Kobayashi   Imaging lipid rafts

13/08/2012 Didier Astruc, Derek Gates, Jean-François Gohy, Ian Manners, Julius Vancso   43rd CUSO Summer School in Inorganic Chemistry: Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers

15/08/2012 Damien Arrigan   Bioelectroanalysis via liquid-liquid interfaces

24/08/2012 Prof. Michael Overduin   Mechanisms of kinase, phosphatase and membrane protein targets

Ms Christin Bissig   Viral Infection Controlled by a Novel Calcium-dependent Lipid-binding Module in Alix

31/08/2012 Prof. Valéria Cavalli   Signaling pathways in axon regeneration: from the axon to the cell soma, and back again

05/09/2012 Prof. Dr. Armido Studer   SET-Oxidations and Reductions with Organic Reagents

10/09/2012 M. Prodipta Pal   Photophysical properties of Samarium(II) doped into inorganic crystals : effect of chemical environment, external pressure and temperature

11/09/2012 Prof. Thomas Jüstel   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

17/09/2012 Prof. Chuan He   Chemistry Determines Cell Fate: Reversible Chemical Reactions on Bio-macromolecules

19/09/2012 Nina Jaensch   The Role of Lipid Interactions in the Transport of GPI-APs

21/09/2012 Dr Nicolas Biais, PhD   Superheroes and supervillains of the human microbiota: an introduction to mechano-micro-biology.

Matthew D. Wodrich, Fernando Blanco, Amalia Poblador-Bahamonde, Giovanni Maestri   Computational Organic Chemistry

25/09/2012 Mme Mahshid Chekini; M. Harekrishna Ghosh; M. Marius Koch; M. Romain Letrun; Mme Sabine Richert; M. Piotr de Silva; Mme Xiuwen Zhou   Voir programme pdf

Prof. Klemen Bohinc   Theoretical and Experimental Study of Interactions between Charged Surfaces Mediated by Molecules with Spatially Distributed Charge

26/09/2012 Dr Auxiliadora Aguilera Romero   Cross-talk between signaling pathways and sphingolipid metabolism: looking for new players in Sphingolipid homeostasis

27/09/2012 Claire Deville   «Complexes polynucléaires formés en utilisant des ligants mono et bisbenzimidazole dérivés des acides malique et tartarique avec le manganèse(II), le cobalt(II), le cuivre(II) et le zinc(II)»

Prof. Jin-Quan Yu   A Shortcut to Molecular Complexity Via C-H Activation

28/09/2012 Prof. Eric Fillon   Synthesis and Functionalization of sp3-Hybridized Carbon Centers through Catalytic Carbon-Carbon Bond Breaking and Forming Methods

Ludovic Gremaud   Additions conjuguées énantiosélectives catalysées au cuivre sur des accepteurs de Michael sensibles et application à la synthèse de produits naturels employés en parfumerie

05/10/2012 Dr. Gerlind Wallon   A persistent problem

11/10/2012 Prof. Martin Lochner   Molecular Tools for the Study of Ion Channels

15/10/2012 Dr Douwe Veltman   Regulation of cell motility by SCAR/WAVE and active Rac

18/10/2012 Prof. Matthieu Sollogoub   Taylor-Made Cyclodextrins, Methodology and Applications

23/10/2012 Prof. Pierre Nassoy et Prof. Vasily Gurchenkov   A new microfluidic platform to culture cells in 3D and to investigate the biomechanical regulation of in vitro tumor progression

15 internationally recognised lecturers   2012 Louis-Jeantet Symposium

Prof. Sylvie Roke   The origin of the unsually large charge of the surface of neutral water

24/10/2012 Dr Miwa Umebayashi   Visualization of the membrane environment surrounding the insulin receptor.

25/10/2012 Duško Čakara   Site-specific Proton Binding of Cellulose Functionalized with Linear and Branched Oligoamines

26/10/2012 Prof. Dr. Frank Glorius   Stories on design & surprise: C-H activation, asymmetric arene hydrogenation and NHC organocatalysis

Dmitry Katayev   Chiral N-Heterocyclic Carbene (NHC) Ligands in Pd-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions

29/10/2012 Dr Matthias Kamber   Doping in sports: Scientific, legal, financial and social challenges

30/10/2012 Prof. Dage Sundholm   Coupled-Cluster Studies of Electronically Excited States of Biochromophores

31/10/2012 Dr Thomas Hannich   Neurotoxic sphingolipids and anoxia

Matthieu Tissot   Copper Catalyzed Asymmetric Conjugate Addition to Polyconjugated Michael Acceptors

05/11/2012 Pierre Zaffalon   Lipids with Artificial Backbones

06/11/2012 Prof. Eric Collet   Out-of-equilibrium photoinduced spin-state switching in molecular solids studied by ultrafast x-ray and optical techniques

07/11/2012 Dr Sylvain Loubériy   Phosphorylation of Sara and the targetting of endosomes during asymmetric cell division

08/11/2012 Prof. Joanne Stubbe   Radicals : your life is in their hands

12/11/2012 5 conférenciers de renom international   Architecture Moléculaire

13/11/2012 Prof. Jean-Pierre Sauvage   From Chemical Topology to Cages and Molecular Machines: the Transition Metal Approach

19/11/2012 Prof. Harry L. Anderson   Molecular Wires and Nanorings

Andrea Fin   Synthesis of Responsive Fluorescent Probes and Dynamic Amphiphiles for Biological Applications

Prof. Stylianos Antonarakis   Genomes, Evolution, and Human Disorders

20/11/2012 Dr. Sophie Canton   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

22/11/2012 Dr. Benedetta Carlotti   Solvent effect on the excited state dynamics of push-pull styrylpyridinium derivatives

Prof. Hannu Häkkinen   The gold-sulphur nano-interface: Self-assembled thiolate monolayers, thiolate-protected clusters and molecular junctions on gold

23/11/2012 M. Stefan Knoppe   On the Stereochemistry of Atomically Defined Gold Clusters

M. William Herzog   Transferts couplés d'électrons et de protons entre des systèmes hydroquinones/pyridines et phénols/pyridines et un métal de transition d6

26/11/2012 Prof. Corinne Vebert   DNA hybrid copolymers

27/11/2012 Prof. Vincenzo Barone   Toward a robust and user friendly multi-frequency virtual spectrometer

28/11/2012 Prof. Jean-Pierre Sauvage   a) Transition metal assembled molecular knots

Dr Guillaume Castillon   A role for cholesterol in apical protein transport in epithelial cells independent of lipid rafts

Prof. Stéphane Petoud   Polymetallic Lanthanide Compounds Emitting in the Visible and in the Near-infrared for Biological Imaging: Dendrimer Complexes and Metal-organic Frameworks

29/11/2012 M. Martin Lenz   Disordered actomyosin contracts in unexpected ways

Mohammadali Foroozandeh   NMR Pulse Sequence Developments for High Resolution in Heteronuclear 2D Experiments

04/12/2012 Prof. Jean-Pierre Sauvage   a) Transition metal assembled molecular knots
b) From molecular squares to cages

05/12/2012 M. Xuezhi Zhang   Exploring the roles of Reactive Oxygen Species in Dictyostelium discoideum

Prof. Jean-Pierre Sauvage   Multicomponent transition metal complexes:from charge separation to light-driven motions

06/12/2012 Dr. ing. Ger J.M. Koper    Thermodynamics of Dissipative Self-Assembly

Prof. Jean-Pierre Sauvage   Catenanes and rotaxanes in motion: towards molecular machines

Dr. Laurent Micouin   Organoaluminum Reagents: Tools for Selectivity and Chemical Diversity

07/12/2012 Daniel Mueller   Copper-catalyzed Asymmetric Conjugate Addition of Alkenyl Aluminiums

10/12/2012 Prof. Mischa Bonn   Label-free Biomolecular Spectroscopy at Model Membranes

11/12/2012 Dr. Simon Scheuring   High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy: Structure and Dynamics of Membrane Proteins

M. Alastair Cunningham   Bottom-up Organisation of Metallic Nanoparticles for Metamaterials Applications

Chandan Dey   Synthesis of Oxindoles and Aza-Oxindoles

13/12/2012 Prof. A. B. Charette - Prof. M. Gaunt   Current Challenges in Catalysis and Synthesis

17/12/2012 Sonja KROHN   Probing Atypical Chemokine Biology

19/12/2012 Prof. Martin Kotora   Lewis Base-Catalyzed Enantioselective Allylations of Aldehydes

M. César Beuchat   Computational Study of Lanthanide and Actinide Compounds

Dipshikha Banerjee   Study of Chiral N-Heterocyclic Carbenes and Their Applications to Asymmetric Catalysis

10/01/2013 Dr. Fabien Gagosz   When Gold Encounters Alkynes and Allenes

16/01/2013 Ms Chrystelle Montagne   SARA and cell fate decision in asymmetric intestinal stem cell division

17/01/2013 4 distinguished lecturers and a selection of 14 PhD students   Geneva chemistry and biochemistry days 2013

24/01/2013 Prof. Dr. Burkhard König   Visible Light Photocatalysis and Luminescent Chemosensors

M. Giovanni Li Manni   New Methods to Treat Strongly Correlated Systems

25/01/2013 Dr. Bruno Antonny   Sensing lipid packing defects in curved membranes: molecular basis and function in membrane traffic regulation

28/01/2013 Prof. Nobuhiro Yanai   Metal-Organic Frameworks Meet Polymer/Colloidal Sciences

Prof. Yann Seimbille   Positron Emission Tomography: Principles and molecular imaging probes

30/01/2013 Dr Nicolas Chiaruttini   In vitro dynamics of Escrt-III assembly / Towards Escrt-III induced deformation

06/02/2013 Dr Emmanuel Derivery   Regulation of endosome directional motility by spindle asymmetry in Drosophila

07/02/2013 Prof. Leonard J. Prins   Recognition and Catalysis at the Surface of Monolayer Protected Gold Nanoparticles

12/02/2013 Prof. Oleg Shupliakov   Dynamin recruiters in the synaptic vesicle cycle

13/02/2013 Lausanne Genomics Days 2013

Dr Laurent Holtzer   From 2D to 3D, growth control in the zebrafish pectoral fin

14/02/2013 Dr Eric Clot   DFT Studies of Transition-Metal Catalyzed C-H Functionalization

18/02/2013 Prof. Kay Severin   Contributions to the chemistry of boronic acids and nitrous oxide

20/02/2013 Dr Kyohei Umebayashi   Sterol-sensing protein implicated in sphingolipid and PI4P metabolism

21/02/2013 Dr Christophe Meyer   --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED --- ANNULÉ --- CANCELLED

22/02/2013 Prof. Kenso Soai   Asymmetric Autocatalysis and the Origin of Homochirality

28/02/2013 Dr Andrew Thomas   Discovery of Bitopertin: A potent and selective GlyT1 inhibitor (GRI) for the treatment of Schizophrenia

01/03/2013 Prof. Will Wood   Masters of multitasking; How macrophages deal with death, damage and development

06/03/2013 Alexander Adibekian   ABPP-SILAC: A Chemical Proteomics Method for Functional Annotation of Enzymes and Inhibitor Discovery”

Kathrin Lang   Applications of an Expanded Genetic Code: Novel Methods for Labeling Proteins

Marilena Manea   Bioactive Polypeptides –– From the Elucidation of Molecular Recognition Structures to Biomedical Applications

Henning Jessen   Synthesis of Densely Phosphorylated Secondary Messengers

Dr Elena Kardash   The role of mechanical stress during pectoral fin formation in Zebrafish

13/03/2013 Dr Elena Kardash   The role of mechanical stress during pectoral fin formation in Zebrafish

14/03/2013 Dr David Monchaud   Everything you ever wanted to know about PAMELA (Poly-Aza-Macrocycles that Expand the Limits of their bio-Applications)

19/03/2013 Prof. Christian Ley   From photophysics to polymer : Squarylium-triazine dyads as highly sensitive red light photoradical generator

20/03/2013 Daniel Abegg   Screening for Key Enzymes involved in Epithelial Cell Polarization

21/03/2013 M. Heiko Runz, M.D.   Functional insights into cardiovascular disease genomics

Prof. Guy Lloyd-Jones   Cats and Dogma

25/03/2013 Prof. Ivan Rodriguez   Chemical senses: From genes to behavior

28/03/2013 Prof. Patricia Bassereau   Distribution and diffusion of membrane proteins depend on their shape

Prof. Robert Häner   Organizing Chromophores the DNA Way: How we Drifted into Materials Research

03/04/2013 Shem Johnson   Unraveling Intra-endosomal dynamics

04/04/2013 Prof. Dr. Mei-Xiang Wang   Recent Advances of Supramolecular Chemistry: Understanding Anion-pi Non-covalent Bond Interactions and Cu(II)-catalyzed Arene C-H Bond Activation

08/04/2013 Prof. Dr Alois Fürstner   Remise des Prix aux lauréat-e-s 2013 de la Section
et Prix Jaubert 2012

09/04/2013 Khaled Kaja   Nano‐mechanical and electrical investigation of two‐dimensional materials using atomic force microscopy

Dr. Pablo Campomanes   Chemical Compounds in Biomolecular Environments : Spectral Properties and Mechanistic Insights from QM/MM Molecular Dynamics Simulations

10/04/2013 Sarah MACHADO   Cell growth control and Dpp signalling

11/04/2013 Dr Ruben Martin Romo   Turning Simplicity Into Complexity via Metal-catalyzed Activation of Inert Bonds

12/04/2013 Dr. Houchaima Ben-Tekaya   Brucella intracellular journey towards a replication niche

17/04/2013 Prof. Dr. Bernd J. Plietker    Selective Catalytic C-H, C-C and C-O Bond Activation Using Defined Ru- and Fe-complexes

18/04/2013 Dr. Arnaud Echard   Actin remodelling and cell division

23/04/2013 Dr. Josef Kapitan   Raman optical activity instrumentation : is there left any room for improvement in detection sensitivity ?

24/04/2013 Maxime Delhorme   Thermodynamics and Structure of Plate-Like Particle Dispersions

25/04/2013 Diverse outstanding speakers   NCCR Molecular Oncology: Concluding Symposium

26/04/2013 Prof. Jun-ichi Yoshida   Flash Chemistry: organic synthesis that cannot be done in batch

Prof. Huw M. L. Davies   New Synthetic Opportunities Using Rhodium-Carbenoid Chemistry

M. Pradip Chakraborty   Thermal and Photo-induced Spin Switching Dynamics in Fe(II) Spin-crossover Complexes : Tuning the Cooperative Effects

02/05/2013 Pavel Adam   Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensors

Prof. Christoph A. Schalley   Supramolecules Made to Order: Stimuli-responsive Gels and Controlled Multilayer Deposition of Macrocycles and Rotaxanes on Surface

Mr. Andreas Vargas   Anion Transport with Anion-pi Interactions and Halogen Bonds

06/05/2013 Dr. Hans Hagemann   Experimental and theoretical studies of potential inorganic materials

Prof. Chien-Tien Chen   Complementary Helicity Interchange of Optically Switchable Supramolecular-Enantiomeric Helicenes with (-)-Gel-Sol-(+)-Gel Ternary Logic

07/05/2013 Dr. Marcel Drabbels   Spectra of cold molecular ions from hot helium droplets

08/05/2013 Prof. Rafi Ahmed   T Cell Memory and Exhaustion

Dr Cameron Scott   High-content screening reveals the Wnt pathway as a regulator linking endosome function and lipid homeostasis

10/05/2013 Dr Naoya Kumagai   Cooperative Asymmetric Catalysis and Its Application to Efficient Synthesis of Therapeutics

14/05/2013 Dr. Julie Ahringer   Chromatin regulation and the landscape of transcription initiation in C. elegans

Dr. Atsushi Urakawa   Towards sensitive and selective spectroscopic detection by modulation excitation technique and multivariate analysis

23/05/2013 Prof. Yves Geerts   A Chemist Approach to Order in Organic Semiconductors

29/05/2013 Dr. Marko Kaksonen   Visualizing the dynamic architecture of the endocytic machinery

Ms Aline SANTOS   Yeast lipid homeostasis: a lipidomic approach

Prof. Yves Le Mest   Transfert électronique et réactivité de sites Cuivre sous contrôle supramoléculaire biomimétique

30/05/2013 Dr. Christophe Meyer   Making New Rings from Cyclopropenes Using Transition Metal-catalyzed Reactions

31/05/2013 Kislon Voïtchovsky   Direct Visualization of Single Hydrated Ions at the Surface of Solids in Aqueous Solution

04/06/2013 Prof. Sophie Martin   Geometric control of cell division in fission yeast

Clive A. Prestidge   Nanostructure Controls the Function of Biologically Active Macromolecules

05/06/2013 Dr Ursula Loizides Mangold   Unraveling a nutrition dependent peroxisomal defect with lipidomics

06/06/2013 Dr. Kaori Sugihara   Lipid self-assembly and its applications

Dr. Stefan Ochsenbein   Spins in colloidal ZnO quantum dots

Dr. Grazia Gonella   Soft matter(s) : Molecular monolayers & colloidal particles probed by second harmonic light generation & scattering

Dr. Javier Miguel Sanchez   Fiber cavity spectroscopy of quantum dots

Dr. Kislon Voitchovsky   Atomic force microscopy at the solid-liquid interface : learning from a nanoscale crowd control problem

07/06/2013 Dr Adam Frost   The Structural Basis of Membrane Remodeling by ESCRT-III Family Proteins

10/06/2013 Prof. Thierry Soldati   Infecting amoebae with mycobacteria to study conserved mechanisms of innate immunity

11/06/2013 Prof. Piotr Piecuch   The Cobalt-Methyl Dissociation and Electronic Transitions in Methylcobalamin : Insights from Coupled-Cluster, Multireference Perturbation Theory and DFT Calculations

12/06/2013 Prof. Zheng WANG   Self-assembly behavior and biological application of amphiphilic photochromic azo diblock copolymers

18/06/2013 Stoyanka Atanasova   Synthesis of Some Six-Membered N- and O-Containing Heterocycles

Matthew Cook   New Allylic Rearrangements. From the Sigmatropic to the π-Allylic

Clément Mazet   Catalytic Methods for Streamlining Organic Synthesis

Bill Morandi   “New Solutions to Old Challenges: Safe Catalytic Diazo Chemistry and Selective Wacker-Type Oxidation of Internal Alkenes

20/06/2013 Dr Stefano VANNI   Targeting and remodeling membranes: an atomistic view through the computational microscope

21/06/2013 Dr. Tatiana Domratcheva   Computational studies of electron tunneling in sensory proteins and DNA repair

Dr Heidi Lane   BAL101553, a Novel Microtubule Targeting Agent for the Treatment of Cancer Patients

24/06/2013 Prof. Misturu Shoji   Total Synthesis of Polycyclic Natural Products

26/06/2013 Valentina Galli   Studying the dynamics of Dynamin in vivo

28/06/2013 Marco Finessi   Interaction Forces between Colloidal Latex Particles and their Modification by Polyelectrolytes

01/07/2013 Ms Chrystelle Montagne   Endocytosis, Sara and Cell Fate Decisions during Asymmetric Stem Cell Division in the Adult Drosophila Midgut

04/07/2013 Prof. Kenneth Wärnmark   Twisted Tröger's Bases and Self-assembled Molecular Belts

08/07/2013 Dr. Matthieu Piel   A Cell life under confinement: torturing cells to make them tell the truth

12/07/2013 MINI SYMPOSIUM   Organic Chemistry Jam Session

15/07/2013 Prof. Hans Riesen   On the spectroscopy of emerald : from conventional spectroscopy to spectral-hole burning and slow light experiments

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