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04/09/2017 Prof. Sir Venki Ramakrishnan, Prof. Maria Leptin, Prof. Dietmar Harhoff, Prof. Marie Thursby etc.   2017 International Conference on The Economics of Innovation: from basic research to the market

12/09/2017 Prof. Tatiana Kutateladze   Molecular mechanisms of epigenetic regulation

02/10/2017 Dr Alain Beck   Cutting-edge Analytical and Structural Methods for the Characterization of Antibodies and Antibody-Drug Conjugates

10/10/2017 Several speakers   2017 Louis-Jeantet Symposium: The Genetic Evolution of Cancer

Dr. Jan Mehlich and Dr. Frank Moser   The Chemical Profession : From Scientific Integrity to Social Responsibility

20/10/2017 Prof. Esther Amstad   Drops: A tool to structure materials

06/11/2017 Dr Charles JF Chappuis   Comment les insectes ou autres arthropodes utilisent des signaux chimiques pour trouver un habitat, un partenaire ou de la nourriture … vous par exemple ? Et comment peut-on les manipuler en utilisant ces mêmes signaux ?

20/11/2017 Prof Hagan Bayley   Protein pores as nanoreactors for single-molecule chemistry

21/11/2017 Prof. Yimon Aye   Translating the Precision Electrophile Signaling Code

11/12/2017 Prof. Kurt Hostettmann   Plantes et système nerveux central

19/12/2017 Irene Hernandez Delgado   Synthesis and Properties of Functionalized Cationic [4]Helicenes and Triangulenes

10/01/2018 Prof. Paul Wender, Prof. Dennis Dougherty, Prof. Jason Chin and 12 other speakers   International Symposium on Chemical Biology 2018

18/01/2018 Ben Feringa, Laura Gagliardi, Bruno Lemaitre, Luis Liz-Marzán, and 15 Junior Speakers   Geneva Chemistry & Biochemistry Days 2018

05/02/2018 Dr Damien Jeannerat   Développements récents de la Résonance magnétique nucléaire dans le domaine de la chimie

06/02/2018 Prof. Timm Schroeder   Long-term single-cell quantification: new tools for old questions

Dr. Anastasaki, Dr. Hacker, Dr. Hoogendoorn, Dr. Cecioni, Dr. Paul, Dr. Okuro   Frontiers in Chemistry and Chemical Biology

19/03/2018 Prof. Steven Boxer   Reactions, Dynamics and Imaging in Model Biological Membranes

Prof. Paul Guichard   Revealing the centriole architecture using cryo-tomography and super-resolution

12/04/2018 Dr André Nadler    Quantitative lipid biochemistry in living cells

23/04/2018 Dr. Frank Petersen   Natural products based molecules for target and drug discovery in pharmaceutical research

07/05/2018 Prof. Didier Queloz   Exoplanets, on the hunt of Universal life

31/05/2018 Prof. Joao Matos   Rewiring DNA repair for genome stability or genome haploidisation

25/06/2018 Prof. Bradley Pentelute   Cysteine arylation to engineer peptides and proteins

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