Physical Chemistry of Paramagnetic Species (EPR-Spectroscopy)

Département de Chimie Physique

Université de Genève

Michel Geoffroy. Professeur honoraire depuis Novembre 2009


Research fields:

The activities of the group dealt with the study of paramagnetic species: their formation, their identification, the determination of their structure, and their reactivity. Two types of molecules were investigated:
1) free radicals or radical ions containing an heteroatom (e.g. phosphorus, arsenic, sulphur, germanium...)
2) metal complexes of organic molecules (copper, palladium, platinum...)
The paramagnetic species were generated
  a) in the solid state (single crystals, powders, frozen solutions) by radiolysis or photolysis.
  b) in the liquid state (chemical reaction, electrolysis, photolysis).
Information about these species was obtained from Electron Paramagnetic Resonance and Electron Nuclear Double Resonance.

Purposes of these investigations:

1) Knowledge of the structure of unstable reaction intermediates.
2) Determination of magnetic properties of some coordination compounds (spin delocalisation on the ligands).
3) Determination of radical mechanisms.
4) Study of dynamical phenomena (eg. free rotation) in radicals.
5) Identification of radiation damage.
6) Study of antioxidation processes.

Some aspects of this research:
  a) Development of new methods in the analysis of EPR/ENDOR spectra (single crystals, powder spectra).
  b) Development of methods for the generation of paramagnetic species. (electrochemistry, photolysis, chemical reagents, radiolysis...) and for their trapping.
  c) Synthesis of new compounds (organic synthesis and coordination chemistry).
  d) Development and use of simulation programs within density-matrix formalism.
  e) Quantum chemistry calculations (study of model molecules for the interpretation of the EPR spectra).


Former members of the group

  Ph.D. theses

Lucien Ginet(1977)
Théo Berclaz(1978)
Antoine Llinares(1983)
Roland Franzi(1984)
Maria Cattani-Lorente(1989)
Michel Wermeille(1992)
Gustavo Terron(1994)
Shrinivasa Bhat(1996)
Abdelouahed Albadri(1999)
Mostafa Chentit(1999)
Marcin Brynda(2000) résumé
Elena Sidorenkova(2001) résumé
Cosmina Dutan(2005) résumé
Cyril Gouverd(2005) résumé
Bassirou N'diaye(2005) résumé
Prashant Adkine(2008) résumé
Adil Matni(2008) résumé

Former members (1995-2008):

  • Théo Berclaz (Maître d'Enseignement et de Recherche)
  • Adil Matni (doctorant)
  • Philippe Grosshans (post doc)
  • Manuel Lejeune (post doc)
  • Krishnamoorthy Bellie Sundaram (boursier)
  • Prashant Madhukar Adkine (doctorant)
  • Frédéric Biaso (post doc)
  • Claire Mantel (post doc)
  • Claire Maislisch (secretary)
  • Brigitte Dugué (secretary)
  • Pascal Richert (technical assistant)
  • Raymond Azoulay (technical assistant)
  • Patrick Barman (technical assistant)
  • Jacques Diolot † (technical assistant)
  • Diane Matusewicz (secretary-translator)
  • Cyril Gouverd (doctorant)
  • Cosmina Dutan (doctorant)
  • Elena Sidorenkova (doctorant, post doc)
  • Bassirou N'diaye (doctorant)
  • Patrick Rosa (post doc)
  • Laurent Cataldo (post doc)
  • Sylvie Choua (post doc)
  • Marcin Brynda (doctorant)
  • Abdelouahed Albadri (doctorant)
  • Mostafa Chentit (doctorant)
  • Cornelia Palivan (assistant)
  • Shrinivasa Bhat (doctorant)

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