• Directional Energy Migration in Nanoparticles of Crystalline Metal Complexes
    Elia Previtera, Antoine Tissot, Robert W. Johns and Andreas Hauser
    Advanced Materials, 27 (11) , 2015, p1832-1836
    Keywords: Cr(III);energy migration;luminescence;nanocrystals;oxalate networks
    DOI:10.1002/adma.201405179 | unige:48204 | Abstract | Article HTML | Article PDF | Supporting Info
Size-controlled micro- and nanocrystals of a [Ru(bpy)3][NaCr(ox)3] coordination network are prepared using reverse micelles. Compared with the bulk reference, the 2E emission of the Cr(III) ions indicates an efficient directional energy migration toward the surface of the nanocrystals.

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Hauser, Andreas Johns, Robert W. Previtera, Elia Tissot, Antoine 
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