• CrIII as an alternative to RuII in metallo-supramolecular chemistry
    Davood Zare, Benjamin Doistau, Homayoun Nozary, Céline Besnard, Laure Guénée, Yan Suffren, Anne-Laure Pelé, Andreas Hauser and Claude Piguet
    Dalton Transactions, 46 , 2017, p8992-9009
    DOI:10.1039/c7dt01747b | unige:95682 | Article HTML | Article PDF | Supporting Info
Compared with divalent ruthenium coordination complexes, which are widely exploited as parts of multi-component photonic devices, optically active trivalent chromium complexes are under-represented in multi-metallic supramolecular architectures performing energy conversion because of the tricky preparation of stable heteroleptic CrIII building blocks. We herein propose a kind of remedy with the synthesis of a novel family of kinetically inert hetereloptic bis-terdentate mononuclear complexes, which can be incorporated into dinuclear rod-like diads as a proof-of-concept. The mechanism and magnitude of intermetallic Cr···Cr communications have been unraveled by a combination of magnetic, photophysical and thermodynamic investigations. Alternated aromatic/alkyne connectors provided by Sonogashira coupling reactions emerge as the most efficient wires for long-distance communication between two chromium centres bridged by Janus-type back-to-back bis-terdentate receptors.

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Besnard, Céline Doistau, Benjamin Guénée, Laure Hauser, Andreas Nozary, Homayoun 
Pelé, Anne-Laure Piguet, Claude Suffren, Yan Zare, Davood 
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