• Triplet state CPL active helicene-dithiolene platinum bipyridine complexes
    Thomas Biet, Thomas Cauchy, Qinchao Sun, Jie Ding, Andreas Hauser, Patric Oulevey, Thomas Bürgi, Denis Jacquemin, Nicolas Vanthuyne, Jeanne Crassous and Narcis Avarvari
    Chemical Communications, 53 (66) , 2017, p9210-9213
    DOI:10.1039/C7CC05198K | unige:96312 | Abstract | Article HTML | Article PDF | Supporting Info
Chiral metal dithiolene complexes represent a family of chiral precursors, which can give rise to molecular materials with properties resulting from the interplay of chirality with conductivity, magnetism, and photophysics. We describe herein the first examples of chiral metal diimine dithiolene complexes, by the use of a platinum(II) centre coordinated by 2,2’-bipyridine and helicene-dithiolene ligands. Straightforward synthesis of racemic and enantiopure complexes allows the preparation of luminescent Pt(bipy) [4] and [6]helicene compounds for which the solid-state structure was determined as well. TD-DFT calculations support the assignment of the low energy bands observed in the UV-vis absorption spectra as mixed metal-ligand-to-ligand charge transfer transitions and confirm that the emission band results from the T1 excited state. Interestingly the enantiopure [6]helicene complexes show CPL activity at room temperature in acetonitrile solutions with anisotropy factors of 3×10-4.

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Avarvari, Narcis Biet, Thomas Bürgi, Thomas Cauchy, Thomas Crassous, Jeanne 
Ding, Jie Hauser, Andreas Jacquemin, Denis Oulevey, Patric Sun, Qinchao 
Vanthuyne, Nicolas 
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