Spectroscopic methods in physical chemistry (Friday 08:15 - 10:00, Science II 230)

Lecture 1: Introduction to electrochemistry (22.02.2019)

Lecture 2: Thermodynamics of electrochemical cells (01.03.2019) SEP table (additional material)

Lecture 3: Impedance spectroscopy (08.03.2019)

Lecture 4: Cyclic voltammetry (15.03.2019)

Lecture 5: Electrophoretic techniques + Electrophysiology (22.03.2019)

Lecture 6: Other state of art applications in electrochemistry (29.03.2019)


Current Topics in Chemical Biology and Biomembranes

Lecture: Lipid self-assembly and its applications


Master Course of Chemical Biology

Physical Chemistry of Lipids


Slides will be uploaded on this page before each lecture.