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this week
Feb. 8 - Sophie Helaine
Salmonella forms intracellular persisters with TacT
13:00, seminar room 352
SCG conference
Feb. 8 - Prof. Bruno J. Strasser
La science pour tous ? L'essor des sciences citoyennes
17:30, lecture theatre A100
Feb. 9 - Prof. Dorothea Fiedler
Elucidating the functions and mechanisms of inositol pyrophosphate messengers with chemical tools
16:30, seminar room 352
Feb. 11 - Alexander Smith
Nanostructure, Self-Assembly and Friction in Confined Ionic Liquids
11:00, seminar room 174
next week 
Feb. 17 - Franck Perez
RUSHing to analyze the secretory pathway in mammalian cells
16:00, seminar room 352
Feb. 18 - Sebastian Schön
Fundamental Investigation of Structural Oscillation Forces
11:00, seminar room 174
Feb. 18 - Prof. Konrad Tiefenbacher
Enzyme-like Catalysis in Self-Assembled Aromatic Cavities
16:30, lecture theatre A100


The School of chemistry and biochemistry of the University of Geneva offers a highly competitive level of training leading to widely recognised diplomas. Its fields of top-class research encompass a large number of the essential research areas of molecular sciences.

The School of chemistry and biochemistry perpetuates the development of fundamental knowledge in chemistry and in biochemistry, which is required in order to solve the scientific challenges of our society:

  • Development of highly selective and environmentally benign methods of organic synthesis.
  • Elucidation and modelling of the behaviour of complex molecules on ever shorter time scales.
  • Elaboration of new supramolecular architectures on the nanometer scale with promising microscopic and macroscopic properties.
  • Development of analytical techniques surpassing today's frontiers of precision, in order to identify ultra-trace species in complex environments.
  • Work towards an in-depth understanding of the biomacromolecules involved in the processes governing the living world at the interfaces between chemistry, biology and medicine.
  • Development and optimisation of alternatives to fossil fuels as sources of energy.