Information for Students

Also visit the Espace étudiant web site of the Faculty of Science (in French only)

Academic Calendar and List of Courses

The Faculty of Science keeps the students academic calendar updated.

The central administration of the University keeps the exchaustive list of courses updated.

Student's guide 2017-2018

BSc Course Timetable for 2017-2018

Teaching years

Laboratory Practical Work

calendar 2017-2018 of the laboratory practical work for students in chemistry and biochemistry

Click for details : TP organic chemistry information 3rd semester : 20.11.2017 / 13h30 salle 0019-SCIII

Rules, Forms and Administrative Procedures




Other Documents to Download

Template for the poster of the MSc graduation work (PowerPoint document)

Template for the cover of the PhD thesis in chemistry and in biochemistry (Word documents)

IT Services for Students

The Système d'Information of the University offers numerous IT services for students (web sites only available in French). The most important one is the ISIs account whose user name and password are required for many other services. This information is provided on the front of the deposit slip for the payment of university fee - example of deposit slip. For more information about the ISIs account, please consult the FAQ (only available in French).

Mail and Calendar

The ISIs account gives access to the electronic mail (adress in the form firstname.lastname@etu.unige.ch) and calendar services. Use the Outlook Web App of the University at https://outlook.unige.ch/, or a smartphone or tablet compatible with the Microsoft ActiveSync protocol (iOS, Android, ...).

Please respect the edicted rules (only available in French).


Visit the eLearning at the University site (in French only). Several courses of the School are on Chamilo - https://chamilo.unige.ch/.

How to connect to Chamilo Tips and tricks for Chamilo

Software for Students

The ISIs account allows access to the students software download site - http://etugdl.unige.ch/.

Finding a Job or Housing

For a job, visit the Uni-Emploi web site, for housing, the Housing web page from the Division bâtiments, logistique et sécurité of the University.

Student Association

Visit the web site of the AECB - Association des étudiants en chimie et biochimie (in French only).