Lectures et conférences


Lectures en 2008-2018 / ⇒ Organisation de conférences

SMASH 2018
19 septembre 2018, Philadelphie, États-Unis

♦  "Generation of high-quality data using the NMReDATA format and top resolution 2D spectra of natural products"

Symposium on cheminformatics 2018
14 septembre 2018, Lausanne, Suisse

♦  "NMReDATA: a format and a good practice to exchange NMR parameters associated to chemical structures"

IUPAC/CODATA workshop "Supporting FAIR Exchange of Chemical Data through Standards Development"
15 juillet 2018, Amsterdam, Pays-Bas

♦  "The NMReDATA Initiative"

Euromar 2018
4 juillet 2018, Nantes, France

♦  Presentation and discussion of the NMReDATA Initiative

Euromar 2018
3 juillet 2018, Nantes, France

♦  "Processing high-resolution 2D spectra. Towards a more robust fully automated extraction of NMR parameters"

Chemistry Geneva days 2018
19 janvier 2018, Genève, Suisse

♦  "Highly resolved pure shift 2D NMR experiments for fast spectral assignment" presented by Marta Brucka

Swiss NMR symposium 2018
16 janvier 2018, Zurich, Suisse

♦  "Combining pulse-sequence development with processing techniques to reach top resolution in 2D spectra of small molecules"

SMASH 2017
19 septembre 2017, Baveno, Italie

♦  Organisation and moderation of a "Round table discussion of the NMReDATA Initiative"

Euromar 2017
4 juillet 2017, Varsovie, Pologne

♦  "A toolbox of 2D homonuclear experiments providing simplified and highly resolved spectra" presented by Marta Brucka

18th Central and Eastern European NMR Symposium
19 septembre 2016, Sofia, Bulgarie

♦  "Top-resolution in 2D spectra of small molecules combining homonuclear decoupling, spectral aliasing and 2D-lineshape deconvolution"

21st Swiss NMR symposium
4 février 2016, Lausanne, Suisse

♦  "Application of the combination of selective pulses with PFG gradients to homonuclear decoupling and slice-selective experiments"

Invitation à donner une conférence / Prof. Svetlana Simova, Bul. acad. of sciences
22 octobre 2015, Sofia, Bulgarie

♦  "Elimination of scalar interactions in the indirect 13C or 1H dimension of 2D spectra"

SMASH 2015
20 septembre 2015, Baveno, Italie

♦  "Elimination of scalar interactions in the 13C or 1H dimensions of 2D spectra, with application to 13C-enriched products"

SCS Fall meeting 2015
9 septembre 2015, Lausanne, Suisse

♦  "Quick and easy NMR titration using slice-selective experiments to study concentration gradients in agar gels" (par le Dr. Yavor Mitrev, Post-doc)

Euromar 2014
29 juin 2014, Zurich, Suisse

♦  "Proton homodecoupling with enhanced resolution and sensitivity" (by Axelle Cotte, PhD Student)

20th Swiss NMR symposium
14 janvier 2014, Bâle, Suisse

♦  "High-Resolution Homodecoupling"

Invitation à donner une conférence / Prof. Svetlana Simova, Bul. acad. of sciences
21 octobre 2013, Sofia, Bulgarie

♦  "High resolution in common 2D NMR experiments. Application to the structure determination of small molecules, the analysis of mixtures and NMR titrations"

SCS Fall meeting 2013
6 septembre 2013, Lausanne, Suisse

♦  "A new approach to separate chemical shift and scalar coupling of 1D proton NMR spectra" (par Axelle Cotte, doctorante)

Détection et Acquisition en Résonance Magnétique (GERM 2010)
4-7 mai 2010, Saint-Dié, France

♦  "Repliement spectral de la dimention 13C. Un puissant outil d'étude de mélanges complexes de petites molécules utilisants des expériences basées sur l'HSQC"

XIIème Journée RMN du Grand Sud Est
16 octobre 2009, Marseille, France

♦  "Spectral Aliasing in 2D 1H-13C HSQC, HMBC, etc. Application to the study of complex mixtures"

Small molecule NMR Conference
21 septembre 2009, Chamonix, France

♦  "Applications of spectral aliasing to the study of complex mixtures using 2D HSQC spectra"

57th International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society For Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research
16-20 août 2009, Genève, Suisse

♦  "Spectral aliasing in 2D-NMR. A straightforward method to considerably increase the resolution of signal clusters and facilitate identification of two cubebin epimers in Drimys winteri"

Conférence à la section "Champagne-Ardenne" de la "Société Chimique de France"
15 janvier 2009, Reims, France

♦  "Haute résolution par repliement spectral en RMN à deux dimensions"

1st Latin American NMR School
21 novembre 2008, Bogotá, Colombie

♦  "Use of DFT calculations for natural product structure validation"
♦  "Application of spectral aliasing in the dynamic studies, pk determination, binding constants"
♦  "High Resolution in 2D spectra"

Lecture au Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas de Madrid
17 novembre 2008, Madrid, Espagne

♦  "Methodology and applications of spectral aliasing. From small molecules to small proteins"

236th ACS National Meeting, Division of Physical Chemistry, Fundamental Advances in Contemporary NMR Spectroscopy: Emerging Methods in Small Molecule NMR
19 août 2008, Philadelphie, PA, USA

♦  "Application of computer-optimized spectral aliasing (COSA) for the fast acquisition of high-resolution 2-D heteronuclear experiments"

Organisation de conférences / ⇒ Lectures

18th Swiss NMR symposium (président)
9 septembre 2009, Genève, Suisse

Summer School on Functional Biosupramolecular Systems (co-président avec le Prof. S. Matile)
23-27 août 2009, Villars, Suisse