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 (retired since September 2012)


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Professor Peter Kündig graduated from the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich in 1971 and in the same year moved to the University of Toronto where he received his PhD in Chemistry in 1975 (G.A.S. Ozin). Following a postdoctoral stay at the University of Bristol (P. Timms), he started his own research at the University of Geneva, focusing on synthetic and mechanistic organometallic chemistry and on metal mediated and catalyzed reactions in organic synthesis.

Recent research interests focus on

  • Pd-NHC* catalyzed intramolecular arylations (chiral oxindoles) and on asymmetric Csp3-H activation (indolines)
  • Development and applications of chiral Fe- and Ru-Lewis acids
  • Catalytic processes to generate planar chiral metal complexes

He was a member of Executive Board of EuCheMS (2000-2006), and a member of the Editorial Board of Chemical Communications (chair 2008-2011), and is on the Advisory Boards of several international journals. In 2005 he was chair of OMCOS 13 (Geneva) and in 2006 he was scientific program chair for the 1st European Chemistry Congress of EuCheMS (Budapest). He occupied the position of chair of the School of chemistry and biochemistry of the University of Geneva (2000-2006) and was president of the ‘Bürgenstock Conference’ 2010. Presently he is a member of the Platform Chemistry of the Swiss Academy of Sciences and president of the Swiss Chemical Society.

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