An ESI-MS instrument, API 150EX from AB/MDS Sciex, is in open access for faculty of Science collaborators. The instrument needs extra care handling under a strict protocol, therefore its use is only allowed once a mandatory training has been provided (see below).

You have to do your own MS analysis before requesting any further one by our dedicated team (see analysis request). In any doubt on how to proceed, do not hesitate to contact us.

Acquisition data are stored on the computer for a one month period only.

 Open access ScII.jpg

3 mandatory steps


2. CONNECT ONTO THE COURSE AREA CHAMILO : Only after this step, you will receive your personnal user code (mandatory to use the instrument).

3. SOFT TRAINING & MS TUTORIAL REGISTRATION : After receiving your user code, Log again onto the course platform Chamilo to access the "MS tutorial" course area in "My courses" and read all information about the soft training and MS tutorial course.