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Welcome to Biopharmaceuticals and Pharmaceutical technology !

Besides its educational and teaching interest in introducing pharmacy students into basic as well as advanced methods in manufacturing and formulation of drugs, the research in domains of biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical technology is characterized by a strongly interdisciplinary research environment. Our laboratories are equipped with modern research instrumentation, necessary to pursue our research.

The main areas of research include:application of basic physico-chemical principles to: preformulation, formulation, pharmaceutical processing and drug delivery. In this context, our research focus is built on five main stems: Biomaterials, Nanoparticular Dosage Forms, Physics of Solid Dosage Forms, Biopharmacy, Photodynamic Therapy, and the Formulation of Proteins. Currently, our domains consists of numerousy team members out of which is roughly one third part of PhD students. Thereby special emphasis is placed on providing an infrastructure that offers the possibility to develop and characterized new methodologies from the basic science, through in vitro assays until the pre-clinical investigation. This is exemplarily shown here on the development of photosensitizers encapsulated in nanoparticles for the improved treatment of age-related macular degeneration.