Welcome to the Mass Spectrometry service platform, MZ 2.0 ! 



The Sciences Mass Spectrometry (SMS) facility is managed by a steering committee formed by Prof. Urs Schaltegger, President of the Earth and Environmental Sciences section ; Prof. Nicolas Winssinger, Director of the Department of Organic Chemistry (section of Chemistry and Biochemistry) ; Prof. Thomas Schalch (section of Biology) ; Prof. Brigitte Galliot, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Sciences and Bernard Schaller, Administrator of the Faculty of Sciences.

The SMS service platform is devoted to help researchers answering structural and quantitative questions by using mass spectrometry technologies.

We offer a wide range of MS analyses from inorganic area such as elemental speciation or multielement quantitation to organic area including studies of organic compounds, polymers, supramolecular systems or biopolymers.


MS capability Main application
GC-MS, EI/CI-MS Small organic molecules
MALDI-TOF-MS Routine MW determination
ESI-LRMS Routine MW determination
ESI-HRMS Elemental composition Publication of new molecules
ICP-MS / ICP-OES Multielement quantitation, Element speciation
ICP-MC-MS Isotope Ratio’s





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