The workshop on Ash Dispersal Forecast and Civil Aviation held in Geneva on 18-20 October 2010 resulted in the compilation of:

  1. Model Summary Document describing application conditions and outputs of 12 Volcanic Ash Transport and Dispersal Models (i.e., ASH3D, ATHAM, FALL3D, FLEXPART, HYSPLIT, JMA, MLDP0, MOCAGE, NAME, PUFF, TEPHRA2, and VOL-CALPUFF).
  2. Data-Acquisition Summary Document describing selected data-acquisition techniques associated with ash detection (i.e., AIRS, ASTER, AVHRR, GOES-11, GOES-12,13,14,15, Grimm EDM 107, Grimm Sky OPC, IASI, IMO-radar, Infrasonic Array, IR-SO2, LIDAR, MISR, MODIS, MTSAT, OMI, PLUDIX, SEVIRI, Thermal Camera, UV Camera, VOLDORAD).
  3. Consensual Document describing some recommendations and priorities suggested to the Ash Dispersal Forecast Community. The Consensual Document also summarizes the results of a dedicated benchmark exercise (based on the Hekla 2000 eruption in Iceland) carried out before the workshop in order to assess model variability. The benchmark exercise was performed by the 12 VATDM described in the Model Summary Document.

A general description of the Ash Dispersal Forecast and Civil Aviation can be found in our workshop report.