New collaboration agreement between UNIGE and UCAD focused on natural resources research and education
March 14, 2018

Following the agreement recently signed between UNIGE's Department of Earth Sciences and the Institute of Earth Sciences (IST) and the Geology Department of Cheikh Anta Diop University (UCAD) in Dakar, Senegal, the first edition of the course 'Interpretation seismic and seismostratigraphy' given by …

Global warming increases the risk of avalanches
March 14, 2018

Climate warming is impacting high mountain ranges, thereby enhancing the probability for more and larger mass wasting processes to occur. A tree-ring based snow avalanche reconstruction in the Indian Himalayas shows an increase in avalanche occurrence and runout distances in recent decades. These fi…

What if the European idea was 5000 years old? The Bell Beaker culture, the Neolithic, and Europe…
February 26, 2018

The movie "563, a tsunami on Lake Geneva" is in preparation
February 22, 2018

A documentary film about the 563 AD tsunami on Lake Geneva is currently prepared by Laurent Graenicher and Pierre-Yves Frei in collaboration with several persons of the Section of Earth Sciences and Environment. This documentary is about the Tauredunum disaster that happened in the Rhone Valley (Wal…

6,000 years of sea level variations measured to the centimetre!
January 18, 2018

Geologists are today anticipating a rise in ocean levels of between 80 and 180 centimetres by 2100. But to fine-tune this prediction and upgrade the models underpinning it, we need to know about the recent past in greater detail – on a scale of a few thousand years instead of the millions of years t…

New Paper in ISME journal
January 15, 2018

Little is known about the identity of mercury methylating microbial organisms and the environmental factors controlling their activity and distribution in lakes. Our research conducted in Lake Geneva demonstrated that the ferruginous geochemical conditions prevailing in the vicinity of a waste water…

New film on our research in Earth and Environmental Sciences
December 14, 2017

When magma prevents volcanic eruptions
November 29, 2017

Why does the floor of calderas lift disproportionately without erupting? An international team of researchers, including UNIGE members, used thermal and experimental models to explain one of the least-understood processes in volcanology: ‘caldera resurgence’.

Lakes could be an unsuspected source of greenhouse gases
November 22, 2017

Lakes and freshwater systems account for over 20% of all methane emissions into the atmosphere. Until recently, it had been thought that methane could only be produced in oxygen-deprived environments, such as the sedimentary layers found at the bottom of lakes. In reality, surface water, even though…

Successful termination of scientific drilling in South Africa
November 2, 2017

In a joint research effort between the research groups of Prof. Urs Schaltegger (Earth Sciences of University of Geneva) and Dr. Frits Hilgen (Earth Sciences of University of Utrecht), a scientific drilling project has been carried out in South Africa. The 325 meter-long drill core through the ca. 2…