Geneva sedimentologist becomes president of the International Association of Sedimentologists

Congratulations to Daniel Ariztegui for his election at the prestigious function of President of the International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS), and to Elias Samankassou who takes the responsibility of the IAS Special Publications. With close to 2000 members, the IAS is the largest association of sedimentologists, and has for mission to promote the study of Sedimentology and integration with other disciplines among others. The "special publications” are a flagship collection of the association, which also publishes the major journals in the field: Sedimentology, Basin Research and The Depositional Record. The election of our two colleagues took place this Thursday 16th of August at the International Sedimentological Congress in Quebec city, a meeting last organised in Geneva in 2014 by D. Ariztegui, R. Martini and E. Samankassou. Elias Samankassou is also Editor of The Depositional Record, Stéphanie Girardclos is Editor of Sedimentology, and Sebastien Castelltort was Editor of Basin Research from 2014 to 2017, emphasising the central position of Geneva’s sedimentology research in the international landscape.

August 20, 2018