The movie "563, a tsunami on Lake Geneva" is in preparation

A documentary film about the 563 AD tsunami on Lake Geneva is currently prepared by Laurent Graenicher and Pierre-Yves Frei in collaboration with several persons of the Section of Earth Sciences and Environment. This documentary is about the Tauredunum disaster that happened in the Rhone Valley (Wallis) during Early Middle Ages. The catastrophy started with a large rockfall of the Suche mountain that hit the Rhone river alluvial plain. This shock caused the collapse of the nearby Rhone delta sediments into Lake Geneva, which in turn triggered a huge tsunami that propagated throughout the lake.

The film approaches different historical and scientific aspects of this event. It draws the multiple connections and contradictions between the perceived as quiet contemporary Lake Geneva and its agitated past.

During this scientific investigation, the narration explores the geological (Mario Sartori) and archaeological (Pierre Corboud) aspects, and shows how the sedimentological results of the research by Stéphanie Girardclos, Katrina Kremer and Guy Simpson have shaken the media planet.

Article (Le Régional website)

February 22, 2018