New Paper in Geology

L. Pioli, B. Azzopardi, C. Bonadonna, A. Kurokawa, M. Brunet, 2017. Outgassing and eruption of basaltic magmas:the effect of conduit geometry. Geology, doi.10.1130/G38737.1.

Continuous outgassing at open conduit basaltic volcanoes significantly decrease their explosive potential. What is controlling the longevity and efficiency of gas liberation, which is a common process at several systems such as Etna, Stromboli, and Piton de la Fournaise? This paper discusses the results of fluid dynamics experiments done at the Department of Earth Sciences to investigate the role of the shape of the magmatic conduit in magma degassing.  Our conclusion is that  long fissures are the most stable configurations because they allow for continuous magma recirculation and separation of gas bubbles from the magma with limited heat loss.

Picture: Etna volcano, by M. Edwards

Article (PDF)

July 24, 2017