antonio benvenuti

PhD student

rue des Maraîchers 13, office 310b

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My Research

In my PhD project at the Department of Earth Sciences in Geneva I am applying the seismic interpretation concepts to the Glacial Geology on a Southern North Sea case study. In particular, I focus on the genetic and depositional processes resulting in a buried Pleistocene Tunnel glacial Valley and its sedimentary infill. This research is intended to make clear which are the most important depositional processes occurring when a subglacial landform is left empty by the retreat of the ice-sheet. Moreover, our goal is to understand more about the possible reservoir characteristics of glacial related sediments.

Outcropping glacial deposits are also relevant to better understand glacial depositional processes. Therefore, outcrop analogues in Morocco, where Ordovician glacial related sediments are present, are studied. In this case, a compositional approach is preferred for a sediment provenance research which could lead to a link between potentially distal proglacial and subglacial areas across the Atlas chain.

This study is part of the Glaciogenic Reservoirs Analogue Studies Project (GRASP). GRASP is a joint industry research programme sponsored by BP, ENI, GdF-Suez, Repsol, Shell, Total and Wintershall.


Lecturer assistant

  • Structural Geology



MY Publications


Benvenuti, A., Kombrink, H., ten Veen, J.H., Munsterman, D.K., Bardi, F., Benvenuti, M., - Late Cenozoic shelf delta development and Mass Transport Deposits in the Dutch offshore area – results of 3D seismic interpretation. Netherlands Journal of Geosciences — Geologie en Mijnbouw, 91 – 4, 591 - 608, 2012.

MY Abstracts


Benvenuti, A., and Moscariello, A., - Infill architecture and geometry of the largest Elsterian Tunnel Valley in the Southern North Sea – preliminary results of a 3D seismic study. Talk at IAS meeting 2013 – Manchester (United Kingdom);

Benvenuti, A., and Moscariello, A., - Seismic geometries and facies analysis of a Quaternary Tunnel glacial valley infill in the Dutch North Sea. Preliminary results. – Talk at Strati 2013 – Lisbon (Portugal);

Benvenuti, A., and Moscariello, A., - New insights on the infill process of tunnel valleys based on sediment composition and seismic facies analysis. Poster at EGU 2013 – Wien (Austria);

Benvenuti, A., and Moscariello, A., - Sedimentology and architecture of tunnel glacial valleys. Examples from Ordovician and Pleistocene glaciations in North Africa and NW Europe. - Poster at Swiss Sed 2013 – Fribourg (Switzerland);