Jaime de Melo

Main Positions

Professeur Ordinaire (1993-present)
Member of the Board and Faculty Member, World Trade Institute (2000-present)
Economist, Research Department, The World Bank (1980-91)
Division Chief, Trade Policy Division, Research Department, The World Bank (1991-93)
Professeur Invité, Université d'Auvergne (1987-present)
Research Fellow, CEPR (1989-present)
Lecturer, the Joint Vienna Institute (1998-present)
Editorial Board,  European Economic Review (2000-3)
Assistant Professor, Georgetown University (1976-80)
Economist, USAID (1972-76)

Département d'Economie Politique
Université de Genève

Telephone: (direct)      41-22-379-82-57
                (messages) 41-22-379-82-63
                 (Fax)         41-22-379-82-93
                 (e-mail)   demelo@ecopo.unige.ch


Phd. Johns Hopkins University, 1975. Started working in the US bilateral Foreign Aid program, then  taught at Georgetown University. Held various positions in the Research Department of the World Bank prior to joining the faculty at the University of Geneva. Among others, he has consulted for  the Government of Saudia Arabia, the World Bank, the OECD, and the European Commission.

Courses: 2007-08

Economie Internationale A  (Commerce International)

Economie du Développement
Economie Internationale B (Macroéconomie Ouverte et Système Monetaire International)
Economie Politique B



Research Areas
International trade (especially trade policy)  and development. Current interests include the links between trade and migration policies, the relation between regionalism and the multilateral trading system, and trade and the environment.

Representative Publications (selected)

Curriculum Vitae (pdf file)

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RECENT RESEARCH (since 2005)
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Policy Papers

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