The examples below use time series data.

Time series data structure

R has a special time series data structure and methods for it, i.e. time series specific features will be available with many basic functions (summary, plot, ...) if the data used is time based. In addition R offers many spezialised fonctions for time series analysis. This document provides just a few examples to have a first look...

If you have look at the Swiss unemployment rates to show information on the object using str(CHUnemp) R replies with:

Time-Series [1:264] from 1991 to 2013: 0.796 0.853 0.891 0.929 0.968 ...
(str() compact information on R objects, listing a few actual values).

If you type CHUnemp you will see a time series table arranged by year and month; plot(CHUnemp) R will automatically produce a time series plot.

Some examples of what you can do with time series data
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