Exporting output

Depending on both the amount of output to be exported or transferred, as well as the nature of the software there are several possibilities:

Hints and caveats
The Export facility

In the use or from the context menu (or if you prefer you can use the EXPORT OUTPUT command).

The dialog panel has three parts.

The first section selects the objects to be exported: All objects in the current viewer windows, only the visible objects or only the currently selected object.

The section called "Documents" is meant for text frames (tables, text, titles etc).

The example shows that the Word format has been select. Many other formats are available, namely Powerpoint, PDF and Excel. For each format there is a predefined set of options that let you control a number of aspects of the output produced.

At the bottom of this section, you have to specify the destination file for the output.

The last section is for all graphical output. As with text output you can select various formats as well as set particular options.

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