Documentation for older EDA versions

This documentation is only useful to users of previous versions of EDA and should not be read by new or recent EDA users.

Obsolete commands

Click to obtain an explanation of obsolete commands still available but not recommended for use by new users. Previous users of these facilities may continue to use them, however there are newer and better facilities superseding them.

Changes and incompatibilities

This chapter should be read by users of earlier versions of EDA. New users should not read these sections, but refer directly to the current manual and the on-line documentation.

EDA is constantly growing, therefore it is not possible to avoid changing commands or command output, in a way that they are no longer compatible with previous versions. This is often the case with features marked as "preliminary" or experimental in earlier versions of the manual.

Note that changes from the previous to the most recent version of EDA can be obtained with the EDA program with


The following documents will list:

Note that when important features have been replaced or substantially enhanced, there are sections entitled "for old friends" explaining the differences.

The docuemnts DO NOT include:

See Changes and incompatibilities