At the University of Geneva (UNIVAC and VMS versions), PIREE, an economic data base system developed by Michel LEONARD and Jean-Jacques SNELLA is able to write EDA system files. PIREE has been developed at the Section des sciences economiques at Geneva University.

Host programs

The toolbox structure allows for easy use of programs, which are not intended or not yet intended for integration into the EDA system, but may take advantage of the services of EDA (syntax, analysis, data access and/or other library calls). This kind of programs are called host programs. They are not distributed with EDA. This section mentions such programs for information purposes only.

At the University of Geneva, the VILLES program is such a program. It is a self-contained data base management program specialized in the management of historical data on city population. It has been written by E. Horber for Prof. Bairoch (Dépt. d'histoire économique, Université de Gèneve).