Technical information, versions


The PC version is a full implementation of the EDA program. PC-EDA is able to read and write spreadsheet files (WK1, WKS files). It requires PC/MS-DOS version 2.11 or higher, at least 512K of RAM and a hard disk.

The current version is a 32 bit versio and requires a numerical co-processor.

If you have an older machine (386SX or earlier class) and this is your only possibility, a more limited version of EDA can supplied that runs as 16 bit software; the a numerical co-processor is not required but heavily recommended for weaker machines.

Macintosh version

The Macinstosh version is a full implementation of the EDA software and has been adapted by Image of Toulouse.

Main-frames and minis

The EDA system is designed for portability (Fortran 77, full standard). Enhanced versions exist for a number of operating systems: Sperry 1100 series, Vax/VMS, Prime/Primos, as well as on standard Unix systems.

See for current version information.