Ordering information

Pricing information for DOS and WINDOWS versions

  1. 200 Sfr: Single user Windows and DOS versions, no media (Internet download), license key sent by e-mail.
  2. Add 50 Sfr, if you want a CD-ROM sent to you.
  3. 450 Sfr: Single user Windows and DOS versions, free CD-ROM, extended license key validity (current plus next two major releases).
Normally license keys are valid for the (major) version ordered, including all minor releases (internet download). E.g. if you are ordering the current version (2.4), the key will be valid for all 2.x versions, but not for version 3.x.

Other arrangements are possible (permanent, time limited). Minor releases are frequent

There is a 10% discount on all prepaid (check) orders.

Single user licenses

Multiuser licenses

Pleace contact E. Horber (mail) for multiple copy discounts, network versions and site licences.

Pricing for other versions

Pleace contact E. Horber (mail) for information on other versions of EDA.

If you need information on the Mac version, please contact: Société Image
55 avenue Louis Bréguet, Bâtiment 7
F-31400 Toulouse. Phone F-61/54 61 00

Ordering EDA for Windows or DOS

You can order by e-mail, FAX or letter using the form found below.

Unless you send an institutional purchase order, the license key will be mailed after payment has been received.

Click here to go to the order form.


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