Information for users of older versions

With version 2.4, licensing has completely changed, i.e. everything is based on a license file; this information is no longer encoded into the executable file as it was the case in the past. If the license file is present and valid, the full power of EDA is available, otherwise a heavily limited demo version will run instead.

Therefore the information supplied on the main download page, needs to be completed with additional information; otherwise you might either loose valuable work (namely access to data files) or no longer be able to use your licensed version.

If you have bought your EDA version later than January 1, 1999 you are entitled to a free upgrade [internet only](mail your license number and purchase date).

If you own a license for version 2.3x or earlier, your license is valid for the version you bought, i.e. your license is not valid for versions beyond 2.3. (If you bought a multiple update license, this is the time to send in your update coupon.)

Replacing your current EDA version with the version available on this site, will replace your licensed version with a demonstration version! (Please back up before you do so!) If you own a recent versions (less than 2 year old) the demo can coexist without any problem with your own data files; make sure however not to replace EDA.EXE or EDA32.EXE with one of the new files (the windows executable is called EDAWIN.EXE, so there is no problem there). Rename your old version first.

If you have an older version (say 2 years old) you should install the Demo to a separate folder altogether as some aspects of the data files have changed. The new version be able to use your files, however your version will not be able to read the new formats (example files).