Information on available EDA versions

The current version is 2.44 for the Windows version and 2.40 for the DOS and VMS versions.
  1. PC Version (32 bit): Requires a 386 computer or better with a co-processor [This means 386 with a coprocessor installed, all 486 DX computers (486 SX computers do not have a built-in co-processor!] as well as all Pentium and better machines. Full installation requires at mose 10M of disk space.
  2. Windows version: The Windows version requires Windows NT, Windows 95 or better, but runs also on Windows 3.1 with WIN32s installed. The initial Windows version is very close to the DOS version in terms of commands and functionality as well as output presentation. It offers however facilities for working in Windows, namely a scrolling output window and a clipoard interface. Full installation requires close to 10M of disk space
  3. Mac version The Mac version is a conversion done by Image, Toulouse (2.0).
  4. Other available versions are for DEC/VMS, PR1ME, Multics and Univac computers. Contact the author for details.