Eda Software distribution

General information

The PC Versions of the EDA Software are now distributed through the Internet. Anyone can download the current EDA version and install it; however if you do not acquire a license you will only have a limited demonstration version (some facilities are not available and the size of the data matrix is limited).

VERY Important information for users of versions 2.3 and earlier can be found here. Do not install any of the downloaded files before you have read and understood this information.

Downloading EDA

Below you will find various files you can download; please read carefully the comments, especially if you have already installed EDA and created your own environment (options, data files etc).

All files are selfextracting executable files. Execute them when downloaded and follow the instructions. If you have trouble with the files please contact the author.

  1. Support Files [EDALIB.EXE; 1.04M; 1.2.2000; version 2.40] All support files (manuals, example files, profiles etc). Install this file first and only if you never have installed EDA on your machine, or if you do not bother if some files are overwritten, especially data you might have saved or changed!
  2. EDA for Windows[EDAWIN32.EXE; 1.4M; 1.12.2001; version 2.44] Windows executable File. Use this file if you have already installed the Windows version of EDA (2.40 or later only!) or if you just have downloaded and installed the support files. [What's new in 2.44?]
  3. Support Files [EDADO32.EXE; 1.2M; 1.2.2000; version 2.40] DOS 32-bit executable. Use this if you have an installed version of EDA (DOS or Windows, 2.40 or later) or if you have downloaded and installed the support files. Note that you can install and use the DOS and Windows versions at the same time.

French and Spanish speaking users

Click here to learn how to change the default data documentation language for some of the example files.