Data documentation language

EDA supports several data documentation languages in the same data file (variable labels, documents etc). In many example files English is the default language; some of them however are multilingual data files and EDA lets you select a first and a second preferred language, which will be used when the correponding language is available.

There are several ways of setting the preferred languages; one is the SET DLANGUAGE command, e.g.
sets F (=French) as the first language, E (=espagñol) as the second; which means that French labels will be used if available, otherwise Spanish; if none are available the default labels in the file will be used (these can of course be any language the data producer has choosen for documentation).

To set the preferred language permanently you need to insert the following line into the profile.eda file (found in the eda\lib folder)

[exact spelling] replace the "F" with "E" for instance of specify "EF" or "FE".

To avoid this - and if you are a newcomer to EDA - you can also go to the eda\lib folder, delete the profile.eda file, then rename profile.esp (spanish) or profile.fra (french) to profile.eda. (Beware: only if you did not change the profile.eda file!!!).