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Future Swiss Summer School

Please help us to plan future Summer Schools by answering a few questions: (feel free to fill in only the questions that appeal to you personally, or send a personal email to if your comment, suggestion etc does not fit into the format of this form).


If you came here because you did not find what you were looking for on the Summer School page, please indicate the reason(s) why you did not register for the Summer School, or why you are hesitating to do so. Tick all that apply.

I did not find the topic(s) I was looking for
The dates are not convenient for me this year.
Date: Generally speaking, the second half of August is not convenient for me.
I was looking for German/French speaking workshops.
Lugano is too far away for me.


What themes/topics should be offered next year or in the near future that could motivate you to attend the Summer School? Please indicate also the level of the course, e.g. Introduction, advanced etc.
If you specify several themes, please indicate the first few by order of preference/importance.

Topic 1

Topic 2

Topic 3

More topics:


We are currently exploring the possibility of organizing other styles/types of workshops. Please let us know if you personnally would be interested in participating in such a workshop.

3.1 Data set oriented workshops

In the empirical social sciences, large surveys and large survey collections are an essential part of the infrastructure, therefore we consider proposing workshops that concentrate on a specific data set collection and the analysis that can be performed with them. It could be an introductory workshop that shows you how to analyze the data, or a "data confrontation seminar" where experienced participants, sharing a common theme, confront and debate results they are producing together during the workshop.
Tick all that apply:

I would consider partipating in an introduction to the use of such a dataset
I would consider participating in a data confrontation seminar
As a full-week workshop during the Summer School.
One-day workshop on a Saturday during the Summer School
One-day workshop e.g. in Neuchâtel during the year


Swiss Household Panel ISSP Eurobarometers
Vox Selects Public Use Sample
(sample of the census)

Comments/suggestions (form of workshop, data sets etc).
3.2. Teaching Social Science Methodology

Workshops for those who teach methodology in the Social Sciences:

Please tick all workshops that appeal to you by indicating one or serveral forms of the workshop as shown in the first three columns of the following table.
"Week SS" means full week during the Summer School, "Day SS" a saturday during the Summer School and "Day year" another day during the year, e.g. in Neuchâtel.
The fourth column lets you indicate the "level" of such a workshop:

  1. "Intro" Introduction aimed at those with no experience
  2. "Intermediate" aimed at those who have some experience, but want to learn more
  3. "Share" A workshop for sharing and confronting experiences.

Level Workshop theme
Teaching with the Internet
Teaching with statistical software
Teaching with data from data archives
Comments/suggestions (Teaching empirical research).

A workshop on data management using SPSS.

I would consider participating.
   As a full-week workshop during the Summer School.
   One-day workshop on a Saturday during the Summer School
   One-day workshop e.g. in Neuchâtel during the year

4. About yourself

Select the item that best describes your professional activity

Your degree

Your (academic) field (research, activity>

I have attended one of the Swiss Summer Schools in Social Science Methodology
I have attended another Summer School in the Social Sciences(e.g. Essex, Ann Arbor)


(Optional) If you want to be kept informed about the Summer School, you can leave your e-mail address here. It will only be used, every years, to send you a message when the final Summer School programme is published on this site or to keep you informed on other training opportunities in the Social Sciences. If you registered for this or an earlier Summer School, except the Geneva Summer School

Comments/other suggestions of any kind.

To be able to distinguish your information from spam, type the word given below. [Sorry, for this complication, but last year for every usable answer I've found several hundreds of spam messages]

Please type below "Lugano"

Thank you very much for filling in this form.

Any comment, suggestion is welcome.

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